Wont be cold for that much longer August 2012

Looking the other day on the BOM website they had some updated long term forecasts for this coming spring. After all the wet weather we have been having (especially on the east coast) it looks like a drier and warmer start to Spring.


However bare in mind last season’s outlook for the same period at the same time was looking the same. So this may or may not happen.




Chance of exceeding median maximum temps


probability of exceeding median maximum temperature - click on the map for a larger version of the map



Chance of  exceeding median minimum temps

probability of exceeding median minimum temperature - click on the map for a larger version of the map


If this does eventuate and what does this mean for turf compared to a wet year like last year?


We will get warm season grasses moving ealrier this year.


Weed germination will be earlier due to mositure in the ground and warmer temps


Oversown turf will start to suffer much earlier and can die off if not looked after properly. If you plan to keep your cool season turf in for a while you need to manage it right in terms of:

  • watering
  • wetting agnet use- start earlierthan usual
  • nutrition- rye grass can get quite hungry
  • disease control- extra watering and stress of the turf will lead to more disease


Rainfall is predicted similar to last season with less chance of exceedign median rainfall. But if this can all change very quickly.


Chance of exceeding median rainfall

probability of exceeding median rainfall - click on the map for a larger version of the map


My best advice is to keep, looking at your local forecast. The BOM has a new tool available to some states called Forecast Explorer. Its a great tool that shows you not just a 7 day forecast but show you updates 3 hours ahead for rain and temps. If you know your exact longitude and latitude you can utilise this for exact data for your site. Click here and have a play around. It will take you to NSW but can be used for other states as well. The BOM is updating this and all states should be on by next year sometime I believe.


If anyone would like some help or information on turf disease/pest managment don’t hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to help. zreikat@campbellchemicals.com.au


Talk to you all soon



Nadeem Zreikat