Turfpath app & Seminar season kick off – April 2013





I’ve come across a new app perfect for us in the turf industry. Since I first bought my iPhone I have been on the search for new apps to help with turf management. Those of you who were at my talk at the Australian Turfgrass conference saw that there were already plenty of apps available to download. However I always knew with ever changing technology new apps would appear. Just released this month on ios (apple iphone) and android is Turfpath. 

From turfpath.com

This app has been developed by turfgrass professionals and is intended for use by anyone interested in managing their golf course, athletic field or home lawn to the highest level.

Featured within the mobile application are pest descriptions, image galleries, and updated control products. While these resources are an invaluable tool for turfgrass professionals and enthusiasts alike, it is the wealth of active users that makes this the most powerful pest management tool in the palm of your hand.



Note of caution:


The recommendations for the use of pesticides in this app are relevant to USA only, as the products are not necessarily registered for those specific uses in Australia under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Act 1994. Users of this app are advised to refer to the labels of pesticides that are registered for use in Australia under this Act to determine and only use pesticides in accordance with the registered Australian label. 

Turfpath focuses on the virtual interaction of turfgrass managers from around the world. Find out what others in your area are reporting. Receive active pest notifications. Upload your pest images to solve your pest problem and receive suggested controls.

If that’s not enough, we also have created a system of points and badges to reward active users. Earn points for reporting pest problems, commenting on others’ questions, sharing information on social networks and various other ways.(I’m currently ranked 12th at time of writing)

I have been playing around with the app for the past week and have found some very valuable turf information on it. The app is easy to use and runs very smoothly which is a big bonus in my book. 

There are 3 sections in the pests, 1)Diseases, 2)Insects, 3)weeds


As well there is a gallery of images on different diseases/insects/weeds. Each item has muliple pictures.


The information is up to date and is easy to follow. The descriptions are easy to read with valuable information on the disease/pest/weed. it descibes the identification and favourable conditions for the disease/pest/weed. In the control section cultural controls take priority.


The contributors include some well known university professors and scientists with expertise in diseases, insects and weeds:


Rick Brandenburg

Peter Dernoeden

John Kaminski

Scott McElroy

Micah Woods


I particularly like that the app will have information that will be updated continuously and users can contribute to the app with comments and photos.


The app is fully integrated to social media which makes things easy to publish. I again urge all turf managers to get on twitter its a great communication tool for our industry. Its easy to sgin up, just head to twitter.com and choose the signup option and follow the steps.


We always say that diseases can look very different than what the textbook shows. This app will help to reduce that confusion with the sharing component with being able to upload images.

There is also a video section with short educational videos.




To download the app search for turfpath in either google play or itunes app store. Or follow these links

turf.gs/ZDAVwF .





Seminar season has already kicked off


Don’t forget about a couple of up coming seminars with the STA Mudgee seminar & Blue Mountains Districts Golf Day on the 13th & 14th May. On the Monday there is a short half day seminar with up to date regulations and spray technology. The Tuesday feature the annual Blue Mountains & Western District Golf Day which is always good fun.