Turfchat Australia (hosted by Turf Republic) now available on iTunes




Some of you have hopefully watched Turfchat Australia episodes 1 and 2 live or on demand via

You can now download it via itunes as a podcast. 


Just search for turfchat via itunes. 


There you will see episodes from Australia and also a link to Turfchat US.

The great thing about it is you can listen while working or driving to and from work on a bus or streaming through your iphone..

Please pass this onto to all your staff and anyone else who would be interested and if you would like to join us for a future episode or a suggestion for a topic for Turchat Australia please don’t hesitate to contact me via email 



I would love to have a cross section of turf managers and topics.

To watch the video for episode 2 click on this link