Turf Technology podcast by iturfapps – October 2012

Just a quick post to let you know that there is now available to download a podcast relating to technology for the turf industry called iturfapps live.


The guys behind it are superintendents in the US which some of you may know through twitter and social media. Thye love using various technology coming out especially on Apple products. They have been experimenting and using different technologies on their coruse to help them with everday jobs and are now showcasing this through the podcast.


The first 2 episodes talk about apps they use and the launch of the iphone 5. They really know their stuff and I urge you to have a listen when driving to the office or out on the tools.


Just search iturfapps live in itunes to subscribe.


For those who don’t have itunes you can download the podcast via this link



The website can be found here http://iturfapps.com/