Turf Champions – Miriacle 4000- THE FINISH updated 24th September 2012

Well the guys have finished the Miracle 4000 on Saturday. They rode into ANZ Stadium on Saturday right on 1pm to the cheering of family and friends. Suffice to say they all looked pretty well even though there is quite a bit less of them now. There will be numerous stories to be told in the coming months but for now we should just congratulate Graeme, Peter and Mark on their achievement for themselves and the money they have raised for Miracle for babies. Don’t forget you can still donate until the end of October using this link






Here are a few pictures from the homecoming. Some of these were posted through my Twitter page as well:





Graeme (left), Mark (middle), Peter (right)



















I’ve got an update on the 3 lads (Peter, Graeme and Mark) doing the ride from Perth to Sydney. Speaking to STA NSW they have been travelling an average of 180km per day with no rest days so far. They are about half way to Sydney. The wind has been kind to them so far with being behind them which has helped but still this is a tough ride. They have met plenty of interesting people on the way and past through parts of Australia that most of us will never see.


They have passed the Nullabor (not sure if they had a hit at the golf course though) and currently near Ceduna in SA, see link below.




They asked to thank evereyone who has donated so far which has been a great motivator so if you haven’t donated please do every little bit helps.


If you can please dontate to the cause via the ink.






There should be some tweets coming along in the next week or so with some pictures so stay tuned.



Nadeem Zreikat

















I wanted to write a post to urge each of my readers to get behind this cause.


Graeme Logan (ANZ Stadium), Mark Crawford (Kurri Tafe) and Peter Brown (Koppman Golf) are rising from Perth to Sydney this weekend.


The guys have decided to raise money along the way from the wonderful charity Miracle Babies. An organisation that helps families of premature and sick born babies while in hospital.


For the full story read the read either article below:






To donate directly follow this link.





Nadeem Zreikat