Sping is here – 2011

Well we had a bit of a false start to spring the other week with a couple of warm days in Sydney. We always get a couple of warm weeks in September and this week and next looks like the start with temps rising up to the high 20’s and even up to 30C over the weekend.


However I do notice that nights especially inland will be colder than you would normally anticipate in Sydney.


There is a updated forecast for the summer coming out next week but so far we are looking quite average (whatever that means these days). I will update more later on with more accurate data.


Disease wise keep an eye out for any possible dollar spot starting and possible brown patch epically on warm season turf.


Weeds are starting to pop up all over the place and are of bigger importance. Methar tri Kombi and Sportsground are perfect for any broad leaf and flat weeds.


Early season pre emergent might also be needed.There are a couple of new products available this year as well Prodiamine and Oryzalin which will help give good residual. If there are any Grass weeds already germinated look at putting on an early Passtox Clear (for couch only).


Also don’t forget your wetting agents starting earlty is much better than waiting for dry patch to come up.


On another note we are launching a new fungicide late October/November. I will post more later but if you have heard of Prostar you might have an idea.


If you are reading this in Melbourne I am doing a couple of talks in conjunction with K&B Adams and the VGA on Wednesday 5th October.

7.30am at MCC Bowling club then

11.30am at Bundoora Bowling club. All welcome.

More info here



Lastly a special mention and good luck to Royal Sydney Golf Club for hosting the Davis cup (tennis). By all accounts the surface is looking great and an amazing job in just 6 weeks to prepare the surface at this time of year (winter).


More to come soon.




-Regards Nadeem