Social Media Presentation at AGCSA conference 2012


The AGCSA and the Australian Turfgrass Conference have kindly allowed me to share with you our presentation myself and Robin Doodson did at the Melbourne conference back in June on social media for turf use.


You will need to install some software on your computer to view it (takes about 2 minutes to install) Feel free to watch it as many times as you like or bit by bit.


The order of the topics are as follows:

  • Privacy of Social Media
  • Social Media – what it is
  • Tools of social Media
  • Turf apps for your smartphone
  • Hangout


Feel free to share this with other supers and turf managers and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions


View presentation here




For my US & Canadian readers you may recognise a few familiar faces during the hangout. As an added bonus (I hope) you get to see me in action talking about a topic that I have become quite passionate about to say the least.


Take Care


Nadeem Zreikat