Rennovations coming up DewCure can Help March 2013





Just a short post on DewCure we released 2nd quarter of last year.

DewCure is designed to suppress dew formation and give frost protection.

There are many benefits of DewCure  including:

  • Reduces labour costs- no need for dew brooms. Even though mowers and dew brooms can aid in removing dew the surface can still remain wet and dew can still reform under the right conditions. Using DewCure climates this issue and keeps the turf drier.

  • Frost damage prevention- DewCure will not stop frosts but it allows the frost to melt quicker hence play can start earlier with less damage to turf for members

  • Extended periods of leaf wetness are required by many foliar pathogens in order for infection to occur. DewCure can give you more favourable conditions to assist in disease management.

  • Drier playing conditions for both tournament and everyday play


However I wanted to point out with renovations coming up DewCure has a perfect fit for your course. Not all courses have the luxury of closing down for that time. Even so working on wet surfaces creates a whole heap of headaches. 


With DewCure these headaches are greatly reduced as applying DewCure  1-2 days before renovations your turf will be drier and allow you to start these practices earlier. As well there will be less clumping of clippings and less mess to clean up. 


For a past post on DewCure See this post 

Until next time take care.

Nadeem Zreiikat