Pig Dog Pigment Cleaner 2014

Do you have a spray unit that looks like this after using pigments or products formulated with a dye or pigment?

DSC02588 (Copy)

At Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd we have developed a cleaner for this very issue call Pig Dog

IMG_7634 (Copy)

The photo above shows that the left side of the spray bar was treated with Pig Dog and the middle bar was not. this was achieved after 2 applications

Also here is a quick video of Pig Dog working its magic.

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This spray was used at label rates and left for 10 minutes. The spray unit was used regularly with dyes and pigments over the season. Thanks to Living Turf for allowing me to shoot the video here. Gavin gave the mud flap a spray and then quickly rubbed it off with a rag. A repeat application here would be necessary as it had not been cleaned before.

Using Pig Dog (extract from label) For full label and MSDS click on links below

1. Dilute Pig Dog 10mL per 1L water in a spray bottle
2. Area to be treated needs to be dry before application
3. Spray area to be treated with good coverage
4. Leave spray on for 5-10 minutes
5. Rinse area thoroughly with water
6. Wipe/dry down area treated with rags/towels/brushes etc
7. Repeat as necessary (Note- for stubborn and older concentrated stains more than 1 application will be required)

Do not apply to inside of spray tank unless tank is thoroughly washed out before using.
Do not apply to any sensitive areas of spray unit.

Pig Dog brochure November 2014

Pig Dog Pigment Cleaner is available in 250mL twin chamber bottle for easy to measure use:

Product pic low res