One extreme to the other – November 2012


This week we have seen storms hit Sydney and temperature fluctuations. The storms that came through were better than normal as they lasted longer than the usual 10 minutes. Sydney & surrounds received approx  10-15mm and it soaked in well. This was much needed as we have been quite dry the last couple of months.

However this has brought on high humidity and high temperatures which have been perfect conditions for dry patch and disease flare ups.Victoria has been experiencing this as well. The other week I was there rhizoctonia was running rampant especially on couch surfaces. Other parts of Australia have been feeling the hot weather.


A big warning for the end of the week in Sydney as temperatures in the west will hitting the 40C mark. Staing the obvious your turf will be very much under stress. A few steps to help here to reduce stress are (parts taken from GCSAA resources at


  • Raising the mowing heights of playing areas, most notably putting greens.
  • Alternating daily practices of mowing and rolling putting greens, with consideration to skipping a day if the schedule of play allows.
  • Forgoing double mowing, topdressing, verticutting or grooming greens.
  • Watering to provide adequate soil moisture, but not over watering as saturated soil will cause the turfgrass to decline rapidly.
  • Hand watering as much as feasible.
  • Avoid aerifying using large diameter tines that penetrate deeply into soil and remove a core of soil.
  • Monitoring and adjusting golf car traffic patterns to minimize stress to turf. 
  • Use bio stimulants to help with stress on the plant and aid recovery




I will be updating this post from time to time with more information.