Monstar is here Nov 2011

Hi everyone here is the press release for Monstar. I will update this post from time to time.

Colin Campbell (Chemicals) has just launched Monstar Fungicide for fairy ring. Nadeem Zreikat Marketing Development manager says “Monstar brings a brand new active ingredient and resistance grouping to the industry. Monstar contains 464g/L Flutolanil and is a Group 7 Fungicide (no other Group 7 fungicides registered in turf). The active in Monstar has been used in the US for about 10 years as Prostar.”


Fairy Ring has been difficult to control at the best of times with different products trialled. There are over 60 types of fairy ring fungi so far identified in turf and there are 3 distinct types of fairy ring. Fairy ring also contributes to hydrophobic soil. Monstar brings a new tool to help solve this problem.


With fairy ring control the following steps will help with gaining the best results from Monstar

       It is essential to apply Monstar with wetting agent (non ionic) as the fairy ring causes the soil to become hydrophobic

       Water turf before application

       Water in after application

       If you can verti drain (or punch holes) across the green before application will help increase effectiveness


Monstar is currently available for use on permit but work is being carried out for full registration for fairy ring and rhizoctonia (brown patch). Nadeem says “Initial trials last season have been very promising on rhizoctonia. Flutolanil has been known in the US to be very strong on rhizoctonia and fairy ring and we are excited to bring this active to the turf industry.”


Monstar is available in 5L containers and for use under APVMA Permit 12842. A copy of the permit and MSDS can be found at our website under recreational turf section.