CCC, K&B Seminar featuring Percy Wong & Gary Demspey August 2015

Last month I was honored to be part of a educational seminar put on by K&B Adams (our Victorian Distributor) and ourselves featuring Dr Percy Wong from the University of Sydney and Gary Dempsey Superintendent NSW Golf Club. Percy and Gary have been in the industry a very long time and their experience really showed as they answered plenty of questions along the way.

Dr Wong spoke on new turf diseases that he has been researching and the impact that this will have in the long term to the industry without adequate funding. We hope here at Campbell’s this has increased awareness to the delegates in what needs to be done as an industry to deal with these diseases..

Gary Demspey spoke about the Aqua Aid Wetting Agents and the new technologies available to turf managers as well as the sunscreen product Turfscreen. For more information see Aqua Aid website.

I was last up and spoke on fairy ring management and updated delegates that Monstar has been submitted to the APVMA for fairy ring and brown patch (rhizoctonia) control.

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Feedback from the day was very encouraging with many delegates learning more than what they expected to. thank you to the AGCSA and Turfmate for attending and writing about the day on their websites.

All delegates received information in their show bags as well as bonus material which has been emailed out as well.









A big thanks goes to the VGA who helped bring Percy down for their seminar the day before which we were happy to be a part of as well; Thanks to Gary for making the trip down and K&B Adams for getting the the number of turf managers that we had.Lastly thank you to all that did turn up we hope to bring you more education days like this in the future.