Iturf Apps launch Turf app Store – July 2013



I have had plenty of questions over the past 2 years in what apps are out there for me and where can I find them. Well we wonder no more as iturf apps have launched this great site specifically for apps for use in turf management. Initially there are only about 25 apps but new ones will be added on a regular basis. 


The apps are spilt into categories of business, social media, cloud, navigation, productivity, travel sport and weather. Please note that not all apps may be available in Australia.


The great thing about this store is that it links all the apps to the google play store or the Apple app store. It tells you what platform the app is available on and if there is a cost or if the app is free. Once you click on the link to whether Apple or Google it will take you straight to the app to download- TAKES OUT THE NEED TO USE SEARCH ENGINES THAT DON’T FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR

From the iTurf Apps press release:


iTurf Apps Market

Today is a big day for our team as iTurfApps releases the turf industry’s FIRST App Store the iTurf Apps Market.  The past several months we have been working hard on development and deployment of the iTurf Apps Market.   We listened to industry and we wanted to make it right.  We are truly proud of the product and want to introduce it to you.  There are so many great features of the iTurf Apps Market, lets highlight a few.

*  Descriptions of Apps are geared towards individuals and businesses in the turf industry.

*  A User rating system for YOU to provide feedback to industry on Apps you find useful.
*  Quickly see the Pro’s and Con’s of Apps to help make your decision.
*  Simple organization for you to find Apps that power your operation or business.
*  Mobile friendly for you to search Apps on your phone or tablet.
*  Like an App?  Download it directly from our iTurf Apps Market.
*  Tell someone about an App – Tweet it out or Share it on Facebook.



Any questions on the apps please don’t hesitate to ask.


Talk to you all soon.




Nadeem Zreikat