Giveaway March 2012

Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog over the past couple of years. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


As I mentioned in a previous email I am going to have a competition to give away a book titled The Spirit of St Andews.


I have 4 copies in total of “the Spirit of St Andrews” to giveaway.





Please note that this giveaway is only valid for Australia and for Australian turf managers and the trade. You can work on a golf course sportsfiled bowling club as long as its in Australia.


All you have to do is reply to me via email and the first 3 emails I get back will get the book. I have allocated 2 books for turf managers and 1 book for the trade. If I get no replies from the trade I will give the book to the next turf manager who emailed me.


When emailing me please write in subject “Blog Competition” Make sure in the body you have your name phone number and workplace as I can contact you if you have won.


For those of you who use Twitter:


I also have an extra copy just for my twitter folowers. For that you have to direct message me (DM). Again the first to DM me will get the book. Again this is open to turf managers and trade but only in Australia.




Don’t forget my prestentation along with Robin at the AGCSA Turf Conference this year


“Using Social Media and Smartphone Apps in everyday Turf Management”

Presented By:

Nadeem Zreikat Colin Campbell Chemicals @campbellturf

Robin Doodson Sanctuary Cove Golf Club @GreensSCGC

Time 8.30-10am Thursday 7th June.


Our aim is to expalin how social media can beneift turf managers in everyday situations.


If you are on twitter follow hashtag #AGCSA12 which myself and Robin have setup for the conference. We will post all relevant informaiton there.