US Turf Conference 2015 Live Blog

Its been a quiet January on the blog post. I apologise for that but things have been very hectic as you know in the turf industry. I hope the summer isn’t going to bad for you and things will start to quiet down a bit.

There has been alot of disease in NSW and QLD over the past couple of months with warm humid days. Victoria Tas and SA have had a mixed bag but mostly drier.

Our thoughts are with those in QLD who are being effected by Cyclone Marcia and hope you and your families stay safe.

GIS 2015

It’s that time of the year again where the US turf conference is on. This year it is in San Antonio Texas. I have the privilege to be going this year and look forward to bring you some new information from some of the top universities in help better manage your turf. I will be catching up with Dr John Kaminski and Dr Scott McElroy who were out here last and did some talks for us in Sydney and Cairns. I will also be attending various seminars throughout the week.

One big piece of news is that I have been invited to be a “live blogger” for the show for Turf Republic. Many of you know of Turf Republic and may of seen the live blog I did at the AGCSA conference in 2014. There are 5 contributors in total and we will all be posting from different perspectives during the week. So be sure to check out the link on a regular basis as there will be plenty of information and pictures to see.

I will have a full wrap of the show in March but for now stay safe everyone


Nadeem Zreikat