GF Weekend 2015

I usually write this post saying disease pressure is going through the roof but looking at the forecast for east coast Australia we are going to be getting some really hot temps and this does not go well with long weekends.Don’t get me wrong disease pressure is increasing as turf will be more vulnerable to attacks in this hot weather namely anthracnose and brown patch.

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Some tips to help you get through the hot weekend

  • •Use turning boards for mowers, reduce victory lap cuts
  • Maintain adequate soil moisture throughout stressful times.
  • •Keep a balanced soil profile (get a soil test do not guess)
  • •Improve air flow – cut down trees/branches
  • •Communication with the club management and members
  • •Promote a healthy growing environment
  • •Nutrition (Don’t be afraid to apply N – just know how much and what source)
  • •Removing dew (use DewCure here or dew brooms) to reduce leaf diseases
  • •Roll greens instead of mowing – alternate each day
  • •Raise mowing heights (even by a 0.5 mm makes a difference)
  • Utilise bio stimulant products during the growing season such as kelp (proven to increase root mass), amino acid (heat stress), humic/fulvic acid products. For any bio stimulant look at what’s inside it and see how each component helps the plant- ask questions to those selling them.
  • Hand water with wetting agent tablets especially for drier areas

Also if you haven’t been notified Monstar permit has been extended while the registration is being evaluated. You can download the permit here

Monstar 2015 permit PER14379


As well if you are interested in coming along to the STA golf day at Bayview gold club in Sydney all information can be downloaded here.

Overall have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the time off where you can..

Good luck to Graeme and the crew for the NRL GF and Tony and his crew for the AFL.