Fairy Ring is coming- Control with Monstar – October 2012

Not long ago we were in the middle of winter with things a little quieter than usual, but that has all changed.


With spring truely here growth is starting again and I wanted to quickly do a post on Fairy Ring and its control with Monstar the fungicide we launched in November 2011. But first a little information on the type of fairy ring.


There are 3 types classified for Fairy Ring:




  Type 1- Most destructive- kills turf due to the fungi causing the soil to become hydrophobic and the roots cannot take up any water






Type 2- Dark green rings due to an increase in nutrients of decomposition of organic matter or the fungi






Type 3- Mushrooms in a arc or ring formation. usually seend after heavy rain or irrigartion












There is quite a bit of information on fairy ring available and if anyone is interested write me an email and I can send you some information and links I have.


MONSTAR- The Standard in Fairy Ring Control


Monstar is currently for use on permit for fairy ring control in Australia. Trials are being undertaken this season for Fairy Ring and other diseases with full registration to follow.



Features of Monstar

Brand New active (464g/L Flutolanil) and resistance group (Group 7) for the Australian turf industry 

Known as Prostar in USA (used for over 10 years there)

Liquid formulation

For use on APVMA permit 12842

No growth regulation effects

Exempt from Poison Schedule (lowest possible)

Curative and preventative properties



Rates Preventative & Curative (Fairy Ring) & Tips

130mL/100m2 (Preventative)

200mL/100m2 (Curative)

It is a requirement to apply Monstar with wetting agent (non ionic) as the fairy ring causes the soil to become hydrophobic.


Water turf before application (morning of or night before to moisten turf)

Water in after application

If possible verti drain (or punch holes) area before application will help in getting the chemical to the target area



Click here for the permit http://www.campbellchemicals.com.au/turf.cfm and scroll down to Monstar.


Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via



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