Brown Patch Alert Sydney & Surrounds 12th October 2012

I usually write this post closer to the labor day (NSW) long weekend but I didn’t think the pressure was about  that was in previous year. However I believe this week in Sydney will show up some brown patch on greens. In fact I have seen some brown patch on greens already with the warmer temps and there has been quite a bit of activity in Victoria for brrwn patch as well. Forecasts are showing anywhere from 20-30mm for today.


There are different types of brown patch that occur in turf. The main 2 species are solani and cerealis (yellow patch) strains of brown patch. Even on couch surfaces (tees and sportsfields) you will see some brown patch (solani strain though) as turf starts to come out of dormancy.

Solani can tend to occur all year round with the right conditions Yellow Patch has been a bit difficult to control once it is there. It tends to disappear with 28+ temps but it is too early to get this consitenly So keep an eye out. If you have the disease there you may need to do 2 sprays 7-14 days apart depending on the conditions and products you use. For example Ippon (or 250GT) then follow up with Dacogreen at full rate as for both products.. See pictures attached of the brown patch I was talking about (yellow patch). If you can do a preventative do it.





If you havent done a preventaion app look at doing a curativre app as soon as possible.