Breakfast on the Green- April 2014

Earlier this month we were involved in a series call Breakfast on The Green presented by myself Nadeem Zreikat of Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd and Chris Stig and John Purtell of Proturf Machinery. We had 2 excellent venues Cromer Golf Club and Bonnie Doon Golf Club. Turf managers were treated to a cooked breakfast as well as barista coffee.

Proturf machinery presented on the new GP400 Jacobsen greens mower and the new Turfco topdresser.

I presented some updated trial work with Monstar and Fairy Ring Control. I also went through best management practices for fairy ring with a extract below:

  • Turf which is under low fertility and low mowing heights mainly
  • Turf suffering from heat/drought/soil moisture stress
  • Extremes in wet/dry weather conditions favour fairy ring – this season has been perfect conditions for fairy ring
  • High thatch areas
  • Can occur anytime of the year. Mainly seen from spring onwards.
  • Recovery can take time after an application. Monstar kills the fungi but the profile is still hydphobic and until this is cured the turf cannot recover fully. Hand watering areas with wetting agent tablets can also aid in recovery.
  • Monitor soil moisture levels with a moisture meter as areas infected can retain less mositure than healthy areas.
  • Full recovery can take time especially from type 2 rings as the nitrogen to deplete.

For a previous post on Monstar click here

I also demonstrated DewCure in action. This was applied on the fairway approach and across the green. Pictures of the results can be seen in the album below.  Turf managers that were there not just saw a significant difference but could feel it to as we were experiencing heavy dews throughout those weeks and looked to use DewCure for upcoming renovation and winter turf management. To read more on DewCure see a previous post here.

Lastly we had a tour of the new holes at Bonnie Doon Golf Club with course super Justin Bradbury. The new holes look really good but alos will be a good challenge to all golfers. I can’t wait to have a hit myself later on in the year.

Here are a few pictures from the days we had at Cromer Golf Club and Bonnie Doon Golf Club. Thanks to Leon and Justin for hosting us at our respective courses.


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