AGCSA Social Media seminar 2012

Our social media and smarthphone app session went very well at the AGCSA conference the other week. I would like to thank all those who attended as we were first up on the Thursday morning.


I firstly have to thank Robin Doodson my co presenter for the excellent job he did not just in preparation but during the session itself. Robin hope we can do it again next year in Noosa. As well thank you to the AGCSA for allowing us to be able to do the session.


Here’s a picture of the both of us at the awards dinner later that day.








Our talk consisted of an introduction to social media and using different apps on your phone or tablet. One of the highlights of the talk was the hangout which we did with a few of our mates in the US. There was a few tech glitches but it all worked out in the end.


For those who want to see the hangout it was recorded and goes for about 20 mins, just follow this link to the you tube video here


If you have signed up for twitter, google + or started a blog please let me know it would be great to expand the Australian turf conversation via those platforms. Let me know via these platforms or email me at


Thank you to the following who participated in the hangout

John Kaminski

Bob Porter

Bill Brown

Andrew Hardy

Greg Shaffer


Photos from our session





I will be doing a post on the apps mentioned shortly. But if you were at the conference they are mentioned in the proceedings.


Take care see you all soon


Nadeem Zreikat