AGCSA conference review 2012

Welcome to all our new readers of this blog from the conference. I hope you enjoy these posts and I welcome back any feedback good or not so good. this blog is for you.


Congratulations to the following winners of our competition:


iPod touch

Stephen Lewis

Ben Bruzquis


iTunes voucher

Jamie Wray

Ben Lucas

Cameron Foley

Greg Stevenson


Spirit of St Andrews book

Niall Martin



If you have not received your prize a K&B Adams (Victoria Sth NSW area) rep will be around shortly to give it to you. Or if you have any questions please email me at



Well it was a very busy week in Melbourne the other week. We had a great time and met alot of new people as well as catching up with old friends. I appreciate the time everyone took to come by and to see what we had on offer especially with our new products DewCure and Monstar. (There are separate posts on these just click on the sidebar for more information.


I have posted a few other things on the conference just look at the sidebar next to this story.


Here are a few pictures form the week I took:


The weather was not the bext early on but got better but stayed quite cold.



Setting up

STA stand NSW, Vic and QLD. TGAA SA and WA

Opening to the trade show on Tuesday night with a few friends

Great turf website check it out

Steve from Bernhard Grinders. He has had so much experience with turf management and tournaments. Great guy.

Our session on the Thursday

The entrance to the show security and all just for us


Congratulations to all the award winners on the dinner on Thursday night. A special mention to John O’Dell (recently retired from Royal Sydney Golf Club) who was honored with the Distinguished service award (well deserved) and who payed special mention to the support over many years to the award of Dave Westall of Everris.









Check back on a regular basis for updates but I will email out next time I update our blog.


If you want to read more on the conference check out PitchCare’s article here 



Nadeem Zreikat