AGCSA conference & Late winter update 2014

Sorry I’ve been quiet on the blogging front its been a hectic couple of months planning for the coming season. Even though this is the quiet time in turf here at Campbell’s we keep going with plans for the coming season. We have trials to plan and determine how and where we can help turf managers maintain healthier turf. In saying this I’ve been working with a few turf managers on some disease management programs to combat issues they had over the last summer.

When I do a program up for someone I listen to what they have had issues with and what they have been doing to determine why the issue was  as concern. I then formulate a plan utilsing cultural controls and plant protection products not only from our range but also products that have a place to best help the turf manager to achieve the desired result working within their budget. So if you would like me to help in anyway please feel free to email me


As I write this we have had some much needed rain in Sydney, however as usual its all come at once with some flooding around the place. These are a few pictures from some Sydney turf managers on twitter with the recent rain.

Photo 19-08-2014 11 53 05 Photo 19-08-2014 11 50 49

I have also been hearing and seeing some insect activity early this season in Sydney due to a warmer July/August so be on the lookout. As a side note after the shortage last season our insecticide PENNSIDE IS BACK IN STOCK. Pennside is a broad spectrum (Micorencapsulated) slow release insecticide For details please see this link to the label

We also have Biff our bifenthrin option for adult pests

With this rain around if you are looking for some weed control we have the following options


Lastly the AGCSA conference on the Gold Coast was a success. We got to see many familiar faces and met some new ones. A big shout out to keynote speaker Dr Karl Daneberger for passing by and saying hello. His workshops were packed to say the least.

Here are a few pics from the trade show and conference..


A usual if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I will have a few more posts in the coming weeks as well with some product profiles and our seminar review conducted with the AGCSA featuring Dr John Kaminski and Dr Scott McElroy


Nadeem Zreikat