2012 Full Steam ahead at Campbell’s

Continuing on from my last post, 2012 will be full steam ahead at Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd with 2 new products coming online.


The first was released late last year Monstar (for type 1,2 and 3 fairy ring control- permit and rhizoctonia*). This was posted before Christmas.


The other will be DewCure a totally new product and concept for dew supression. A product like this has never been utilised fully in Australia and we are very excited to be able to bring it to the turf industry. It has only recently been used over the past few years in the US with great success as well. I will post more on this later on.


Here’s a picture of DewCure in action during last winter in Sydney. As you can see that the middle of the green was left untreated and either side was treated with DewCure. This was taken about 10am in the middle of winter where the dew was still present (seen in the untreated area).





Also on the agenda this year is the AGCSA turf conference in Melbourne running 4th-8th June We here at Coiln Campbell (chemicals) Pty Ltd) will be well represented with our stand along with our key partners in the show. We will be doing full launches of Monstar and DewCure during that week. Monstar is available now and DewCure will be available early Autumn. I will post more later on.


The program has been released and you may have noticed my name on the program. Many of you will know my passion for social media and how I have been utilising this blog and twitter and Google + to name a few so it was only logical to share my passion with our industry. I will be presenting in conjunction with Robin Doodson (Sanctuary Cove Golf Club) a workshop title:



“Using Social Media and Smartphone Apps in everyday Turf Management”

Presented By:

Nadeem Zreikat Colin Campbell Chemicals @campbellturf

Robin Doodson Sanctuary Cove Golf Club @GreensSCGC

Time 8.30-10am Thursday 7th June.


Our aim is to expalin how social media can beneift turf managers in everyday situations.


If you are on twitter follow hashtag #AGCSA12 which myself and Robin have setup for the conference. We will post all relevant informaiton there.


Thank you again for reading my blog, feel free to leave a comment or get in tocuh with me on twitter or email. zreikat@campbellchemicals.com.au


*Trials are currently being undertaken on fairy ring and rhizoctonia for Monstar