Our Products

250 GT Turf Fungicide

250g/L Iprodione

Oil based version of our popular Ippon fungicide. Broad spectrum control of various diseases in turf.


Absolve Peracetic Acid Biocide

160 g/L Peroxyacetic Acid 110 g/L Hydrogen Peroxide

Controls bacterial growth in the process water for post-harvest processing of fruit and vegetables.


Apollo Miticide

500g/L Clofentezine

An ovicidal (egg control)  miticide for the control of Twospotted and other mites in various crops and couch mite in turf and lawns.



980g/L Alkoxylated Fatty Alkylamine Polymer

An adjuvant to improve the uptake of Nitrogen at late dormancy in Apples, Nashis, Custard apples, Persimmons, Cherries, Grape Vines and low chill stonefruit to induce even budbreak and increased flowering.



Nitrogen source for Armobreak

A liquid nitrogen based product to be combined with Armobreak adjuvant to induce even budbreak in Apples, Nashis and Grapevines.


Bacchus WG Biological Insecticide

Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner subsp.aizawai stra

Bacchus is a biological insecticide specifically for use against Lepidopterous larvae such as diamond back moth, armyworm, codling moth.


Biff 100SC

100g/L Bifenthrin

A broad spectrum knockdown insecticide for use on turf areas.


Blazon Blue Non Staining Spray Indicator

Patented Blue Spray Polymer Colourant

A non staining spray colourant for use with spray equipment to inidcate areas that are sprayed.


Cheers 500 Fungicide

500g/L Chlorothalonil

For Control of fungal diseases on Almonds, Bananas, Cucurbits, Grapes, Ornamentals, Peanuts, Stone Fruit, Tobacco and Vegetables as per the product label.


Cheers 720 WeatherShield Fungicide

720g/L Chlorothalonil

Cheers WeatherShield is an evolution of the original Cheers (chlorothalonil) formulation. Cheers WeatherShield has superior surfactant technology. For control of various diseases in various crops.


Citrus Wash Detergent

Food grade detergents

Replaced by Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Cobra 480SC Insecticide

480g/L Thiacloprid

Cobra is a insecticide for use in Pome fruit and Stone fruit for control of

  • Codling moth
  • Apple dimpling bug (apples only)
  • Oriental fruit moth.

Cobra can also be used on ornamentals including Cameilas, Maybush, Roses for the control of Aphids


Cyd-X Biological Insecticide

0.7 g/L Cydia pomonella GRANULOSIS VIRUS

A insecticidal virus for the control of Codling Moth


Dacogreen 720 WeatherShield Fungicide

720g/L Chlorothalonil

Dacogreen WeatherShield is an evolution of the original Dacogreen (chlorothalonil) formulation. Dacogreen WeatherShield is a superior surfactant technology. For control of various disease in turf.



Alkaline Salts

Dewax aids in the cleaning of post harvest packing lines. It is especially useful in removing fruit wax deposits from equipment.


Diamantina Citrus Wax

Carnauba based

A Carnauba/Shellac based citrus wax giving superior long lasting shine and high resistance to white spotting. Do NOT use citrus destined for sale in the UK & European Union (EU).


Diamantina EU Citrus Wax

Carnauba based coating

A Carnauba/Shellac based citrus wax accepted for fruit destined for the European Union (EU) and other markets.


Disrupt-CM (Mating Disruption Agent)

Codling Moth Pheremone

For the mating disruption of codling moth in apples and pears.


Disrupt-OFM (Mating Disruption Agent)

Oriental Fruit Moth Pheremone

For the mating disruption of oriental fruit moth in apples, pears and stone fruit.


DPA 310 Scald Inhibitor

310g/L Diphenylamine

For the prevention of superficial scald in apples and pears.


ecoFOG – 170 DPA Scald Inhibitor

170g/L Diphenylamine

ecoFOG – 170 DPA is brand new fogging technology for protection of apple and pears to prevent superficial scald

ecoFOG – 160 PYR is also available and are to be used in conjunction with ecoFOG DPA

The ecoFOG range is only available to be applied via approved applicators only. Contact us for more information.


ecoFOG -160 PYR

160g/L Pyrimethanil

ecoFOG is brand new fogging technology for protection of apple and pears to prevent diseases in storage including Botryis, Penicillium and Neofabrea

ecoFOG DPA is also available and are to be used in conjunction with ecoFOG PYR

The ecoFOG range is only available to be applied via approved applicators only. Contact us for more information.


Emerald Fungicide

500g/L Fluazinam

A new generation contact fungicides for the control of dollar spot, helminthosporium diseases, anthracnose and gray leaf spot in turf.


Filmstar – 21 Sticker & Spreader

904g/L di-1-p-MENTHENE

A surfactant to aid pesticides to sticking and spread properties as well as offer UV protection for turf and horticultre use.


Flowable TMTD Fungicide

600g/L Thiram

A liquid thiram for the control of Brown Patch, Helminthosporium Leaf Spot, Fusarium Patch and Damping off in Turf.


Fludy 230SC Fungicide

230g/L Fludioxanil

A broad spectrum contact fungicide to control certain post-harvest diseases in citrus, stone fruit, pome fruit, kiwi fruit, pomegranates, chestnuts, pineapple and mangoes.


Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Food Grade Detergents

A concentrated high foam detergent for the general cleaning of all fruit and vegetables.


InnoSulpH WG

800g/kg Sulphur

A high quality European formulated sulhpur for use on various fruits and vegetables.


Instance Sanitiser for Hands & Surfaces

80% Ehtanol + 0.125% Hydrogen Peroxide

Sanitiser for hands and hard surfaces Strongest available 80% ethanol



Ippon 500 Aquaflo Fungicide

500g/L Iprodione

This product is no longer available however we have kept the SDS and label online if needed. As an alternative we have the oil based 250GT available



Ipral 250 Liquid Fungicide

250g/L Iprodione

A broad spectrum oil based systemic fungicide for use on various crops including grapes, stone fruit, potatoes, lettuce and more.


Liquid Dek Fungicide

420g/L Mancozeb

Liquid Dek a liquid version of our poplar Dek mancozeb fungicide. It is in an easy to use formulation.


Magnate 500 EC Fungicide

500g/L Imazalil

For the control of post-harvest diseases in citrus. New formulation with new rates.


Magnate 750 WG Fungicide

750g/kg Imazalil

An excellent granular formulated fungicide for the control of post harvest diseases in citrus, apples and pears, rock melons and potatoes.

Click here for an important notice about the use of imazalil on apples and pears.


Methar Tri-Kombi Herbicide

336g/L Mecoprop + 80g/L 2,4-D + 40g/L Dicamba

For the control of broadleaved weeds, clovers, bindii and creeping oxalis in turf. Non-ester formulation.


Monstar SC Fungicide

464g/L Flutonanil

For control of black scurf in seed potatoes. Also for Fairy Ring  control in Turf


Moxam 250SC Insecticide

250g/L Thiamethoxam

Brand new mode of action in our insecticide range (Compliments Pennside & Biff) for the residual control of Black Beetle and Bilbug.


Natural Shine 960 Citrus Wax

Carnuaba base

Natural Shine 960 is a high quality carnauba based wax specifically designed for the use on citrus for local and export markets. Do NOT use citrus destined for sale in the UK & European Union (EU).


Natural Shine 965EU Citrus Wax

Carnuaba based coating

A high quality carnauba based citrus coating formulated with ingredients accepted by the European Union (EU) and other markets.


Orchid Special Fertiliser A (Yellow)

N.P.K. 11-13-16 + Trace Elements

A water soluble fertiliser developed especially for Orchids to aid flowering.N.P.K. 11-13-16 + Trace Elements


Orchid Special Fertiliser B (Blue)

N.P.K. 30-4-8 + Trace Elements

A water soluble fertiliser developed especially for Orchids to aid growth.


Paclo 200SC Turf Growth Regulator

200g/L Paclobutrazol

For the suppression of Poa annua (Winter grass) and growth regulation in turf.


Passtox Clear Herbicide

220g/L DSMA

A herbicide for the control of Paspalum, Summer grass and Mullumbimby couch, crab grass, sedges and nut grass in common couch, bent grass, buffalo and fescue lawns.


Peach Wax Concentrate

Mixture of food grade waxes

Reduces moisture loss and shrinkage as well as enhancing the market appeal of peaches, plums and nectarines and other stone fruit.


Pennside Microencapsulated Insecticide

240g/L Microencapsulated Diazinon

This product is no long commercially available however label and SDS are still available for reference


Pig Dog Pigment & Machinery Cleaner

Sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide

Pig Dog is designed to clean turf sprayers which have been stained from turf pigments or similar products. See Pig Dog in action by clicking here (You tube Link)


Poachek Herbicide

175g/L Endothal

For the selective control of annual winter grass in blue couch, common couch, bent, buffalo grass, and brown top turf and lawns.


PoaCure Turf Herbicide

240g/L Methiozolin

PoaCure is a revolutionary herbicide to control wintergrass (Poa) in recreational turf. PoaCure contains the active ingredient Methiozolin that hass a mode of action and is unlike any other herbicide before it. (It is still unclassified). PoaCure is slow acting, long lasting and is able to reduce and eliminate wintergrass from your turf without disrupting your surface. PoaCure not only works on Poa annua, but also on all biotypes of Poa commonly found in Australia that have been difficult to control.

See our dedicated website poacure.com.au


Primafresh Ultra 3000A Apple Wax

Based on food grade carnauba

Our latest technology in fruit coatings based on food grade carnauba


Proplant Fungicide

605g/L Propamocarb

For the control of damping-off in ornamental plants and recreational turf caused by Pythium spp.


Protak 450 EC Fungicide

450g/L Prochloraz

For the control of various diseases on tropical fruits and turf.


Pyper 600SC Fungicide

600g/L Pyrimethanil

For the control of grey mould (Botrytis cinerea) in grapevines, strawberries and tolerant ornamental species, yellow sigatoka, leaf speckle and cordana leaf spot in bananas and target spot in potatoes and tomatoes. Permits are also available for Capsicum, Lettuce, Snow Peas, Sugar Snap peas, Tomatoes, Cucumbers.


Pyrus SC Fungicide

400g/L Pyrimethanil



This product is not currently commercially available.


For the control of Botrytis in grapes, strawberries and ornamentals.


RainGard Cherry Cracking Supressent

Water, fatty acids, vegetable esters and emulsifie

RainGard is a brand new product to help reduce the instance of cracking in sweet cherries.


Raynox Sunburn Protectant

Sunburn Protectant

Raynox gives you improved sunburn protection for apples and pineapples. Raynox goes on clear and dries clear and leaves NO visible residue.


Raynox Water Softner

Water, tetrasodium, EDTA

To be used in conjunction with Raynox. Not for separate sale.


Sceptre 230SC Fungicide

230g/L fludioxanil

A broad spectrum fungicide for use on Brown Patch, Winter Fusarium (Microdcohium patch), Dollar Spot, Anthracnose and Helminthoosporium diseases  in turf


Shadow Ultra PGR

120g/L Trinexapac-Ethyl

Shadow Ultra PGR is registered for the regulation of leaf and stem growth, as well as a turf management aid across a range of turfgrass species and growing regimes


Sportsground Herbicide

336g/L Mecoprop + 80g/L MCPA + 40g/L Dicamba

For the control of broadleaved weeds, clovers, bindi and creeping oxalis in turf. Varied for the use of councils and turf managers. Non-ester formulation. Can be used in Tasmania.


Stanza WP Fungicide

462g/kg Prochloraz present as the manganese chloride complex

A WP prochloraz formulated fungicide specifically desgeined for use on mushroom. mangoes, proteas, non fruit bearing strawberries and violas.


Stature Herbicide

250 g/L MCPA present as the ethyl hexyl ester 150 g/L BROMOXYNIL present as the octonoate 25 g/L DIFLUFENICAN

Stature is our new 3 way herbicide safe on all grasses for powerful broad leaf weed control. Safe on Buffalo and no smell


Super Apple Wash Detergent

Food grade detergents

A concentrated high foam detergent for fruit that is hard to clean.


Syllit 400 SC Fungicide

400g/L Dodine

For the control of black spot in apples and pears. New registration on leaf curl and blossom blight in peaches and nectarines.


Tops Plant Growth Regulator

100g/kg Triclopyr (3,5-6 TPA)

For thinning and increasing fruit size in oranges and mandarins, and for reducing fruit drop in lychees.


Tri-Kombi Lawn Weeder

336g/L Mecoprop + 80g/L 2,4-D + 40g/L Dicamba

This pack size has been discontinued however information is still available. Please see Methat Tri Kombi for alternative pack sizes in Recreational Turf & Landscape Section

For control of broad leaved weeds such as clovers, creeping oxalis and bindi-i.


Tricop – Liquid Copper

18g/L Copper present as copper octonoate

A unique liquid copper fungicide giving disease control with a low level of copper. The only copper fungicide for use on powdery mildew.


Tridim 250 EC Fungicide

250g/L Triadimenol

For systemic control of ring spot on cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, powdery mildew on cucurbits, tomatoes, grapevines, parsnip, radish, swede, turnips and papaws, pineapple disease of sugar cane, Myrtle rust in Riberries, lemon myrtle, anise myrtle, nursery stock (non-food and forestry), non-bearing fruit trees,
ornamentals, cut flowers/foliage and oil tea tree, and various diseases of turf as indicated in the directions for use table.


Tru-Blue Spray Indicator

105g/L Acid Blue Dye 9 Sodium Salt

A marking dye for use with spray equipment to inidcate areas that are sprayed.



water, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide

NEW- extra heavy duty machinery cleaner to remove wax deposits.


Vitra 400WG Fungicide

400 g/kg COPPER (Cu) present as CUPRIC HYDROXIDE

A high qulality European formulated copper hydroxide fungicide for use on fruit. vegetable & other crops as per the label.


Vorlon 500SC Fungicide

500g/L Thiabendazole

For the control of various diseases in post harvest applicationsin fruit crops and dollar spot and fusarium in turf and lawns.

Please note that as of December 2013 Vorlon is no longer reccomended for use on apples and pears.


Wrath 700WG Fungicide

700g/kg Dithianon

Dithianon active ingredient for control of certain diseases of stone fruit, pome fruit and vines as specified in the Directions for Use Table.


Zanoctine Liquid Fungicide

400g/L Guazatine

For the post harvest control of Green & Blue Mould & Sour Rot in citrus and control of Grey Mould, Yeasty Rot and Transit Rot in Tomatoes.