Podcasts - "Behind the Turf"

Behind The Turf is our podcast for turf & landscape mangers. Our podcast brings you various topics from around the the turf world with interviews from leading university professors, current thoughts on topics effecting the industry as well as various interviews with prominent turf managers in Australia. the aim of the podcast is to educate as well as entertain. We hope you enjoy the listen.

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Ep 3 GIS Pat Jones

In this episode I speak to Pat Jones head of GCI magazine, Pat has been around the turf industry a long time. He has worked for GCSAA in the past and now runs a very successful magazine. But that’s only half of it. He is knowledgeable and is well respected throughout the US.

Ep 2 Rutgers Gurus with Dr Bruce Clarke and Dr Jim Murphy

Rutgers University is world renowned turf school and is a leader when it comes to turf diseases. The work Bruce and Jim have done on anthracnose is amazing and

Ep 1 Coffee in cars with Scott McElroy Auburn University

Scott is a good friend of mine and I was lucky to spend some time with him before the GIS conference in 2018. Many Australian met Scott on our walk and talk tours and at the Australian Turfgrass Conference in Wellington. I toured the Auburn university grounds where his turf research was taking place.