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Behind The Turf is our podcast for turf & landscape mangers. Our podcast brings you various topics from around the the turf world with interviews from leading university professors, current thoughts on topics effecting the industry as well as various interviews with prominent turf managers in Australia. the aim of the podcast is to educate as well as entertain. We hope you enjoy the listen.

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Ep 18 Ben Gibson The Toolbox Team

This episode is quite a bit different to previous charts I’ve had as its not agronomic based. Ben Gibson is the head of The Toolbox Team providing not just products and services but partnerships to turf teams across the country with safety, WHS Leadership auditing and compliance just to name a few. In this chat […]

Ep 17 Pat Jones & Dr Paul Koch “State of US Turf and the Future”

Again very excited to have Pat Jones on our podcast for the second year in a row. Pat at the time of the interview was still running GCI Magazine however he has since moved on to Harrell’s to look after marketing digital side. He is till involved heavily in turf and is a great asset […]

Ep 16 Dr Mike Fidanza “The Fairy Ring King”

Fairy ring is one of the most difficult diseases to control. There hasn’t been as much research on this disease as others. I sit down today at GIS to talk to Dr Mike Fidanza from Penn State and discuss this troublesome disease and he gives some insights in the best way to control this disease. […]

Ep 15 Dr Jim Brosnan “The World of Weeds”

I was lucky enough to sit down with Jim again this year and get an update on turf research into weeds. We especially spoke about Poa and the research group setup to deal with this troublesome weed. He gives good insights into resistance management and where we are as this is still the biggest issue […]

Ep 14 Ben McGraw “Insects and Comedy”

In today’s episode I talk with Dr Ben McGraw from Penn State University. Ben is an entomologist and has unbelievable knowledge of insects. He has done a plenty of research into the bluegrass weevil which is similar to our Argentine Stem Weevil so there is a lot to learn here. Ben is really entertaining as […]

Ep 13 Dr Peter Boutsalis Plant Science Consulting- Expert in Herbicide Testing

I was lucky enough to catch Peter at the recent Australasian turfgrass Conference in Brisbane after his session on the work he has done in resistance testing in turf. Peter works at the University of Adelaide as well as managing Plant Science Consulting where turf managers can send samples of their turf for herbicide resistance […]

Ep 12 The Importance on Turf Conferences

Conferences- there are plenty to choose from and a lot of turf managers attend them however there are many that don’t I am a big believer in them small or large. These are my thoughts and I hope it gives you some guidance in looking

Ep 11 My thoughts on the Importance on Disease Testing

Disease testing- everyone knows it but not everyone utilises it as much as they should. I give some thoughts on why its important and what benefits there are in confuting disease testing.

Ep 10 My Love of Social Media

This is just my thoughts on social media and the use in the turf industry. Many of you now I am very active on social media and have presented a number of talks at various conferences in Australia. These are just some of

Ep 9 Thoughts on Best Use on Fungicides

In this podcast these are my thoughts on best use of fungicides in turf. There is some confusion in what to use and when abnd how each product works. I hope this short episode helps with understanding fungicides.