Podcasts - "Behind the Turf"

Behind The Turf is our podcast for turf & landscape mangers. Our podcast brings you various topics from around the the turf world with interviews from leading university professors, current thoughts on topics effecting the industry as well as various interviews with prominent turf managers in Australia. the aim of the podcast is to educate as well as entertain. We hope you enjoy the listen.

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Ep 11 My thoughts on the Importance on Disease Testing

Disease testing- everyone knows it but not everyone utilises it as much as they should. I give some thoughts on why its important and what benefits there are in confuting disease testing.

Ep 10 My Love of Social Media

This is just my thoughts on social media and the use in the turf industry. Many of you now I am very active on social media and have presented a number of talks at various conferences in Australia. These are just some of

Ep 9 Thoughts on Best Use on Fungicides

In this podcast these are my thoughts on best use of fungicides in turf. There is some confusion in what to use and when abnd how each product works. I hope this short episode helps with understanding fungicides.

Ep 8 Thoughts on ERI disease

From time to time I will be putting my thoughts out there on certain topics and hoping to give some help in dealing with agronomic aspects of turf management. In this episode I am talking about ERI management

Ep 7 Bruce Williams

Bruce Williams is known in a lot of turf circles worldwide and has been a regular visit to Australia with his work with Grigg Brothers through Globe Australia. Bruce has been on the GCSAA board and president of 4 GCSAA chapters. However one of his specialities that I wanted to talk to him about was his consultancy he does. He is involved in not just the agronomic side but the human side as well teaching turf managers to be better in all aspects in including, project management, budget and equipment analysis. I hope you enjoy this quick

Ep 6 Micah Woods

This is a discussion I was apart of with some superintendents in Sydney from a while back. We were lucky enough to have Micah on the line. He talks about summer stress and experience in the Asian region as well as how to best manage turf in the summer. We also talk about new verities coming onto the market. I apologise if the audio is a bit week as we were in a board room.

Ep 5 GIS 2018 John Cisar

John Cisar may not be know to many Australians however John has had a distinguished career been in turf management at a university level He is now a retired professor from University of Florida. His knowledge is first class and has been on the board of the International Turfgrass Society.

Ep 4 GIS 2018 Jim Brosnan

Dr Jim Brosnan is from University of Tennessee. Jim’s work focuses on weed management and herbicide resistance. Recently Jim was awarded his work on resistance management has been world leading and the development of a rapid herbicide test has been helping turf managers deal with problematic weeds.

Ep 3 GIS Pat Jones

In this episode I speak to Pat Jones head of GCI magazine, Pat has been around the turf industry a long time. He has worked for GCSAA in the past and now runs a very successful magazine. But that’s only half of it. He is knowledgeable and is well respected throughout the US.

Ep 2 Rutgers Gurus with Dr Bruce Clarke and Dr Jim Murphy

Rutgers University is world renowned turf school and is a leader when it comes to turf diseases. The work Bruce and Jim have done on anthracnose is amazing and