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Behind The Turf is our podcast for turf & landscape mangers. Our podcast brings you various topics from around the the turf world with interviews from leading university professors, current thoughts on topics effecting the industry as well as various interviews with prominent turf managers in Australia. the aim of the podcast is to educate as well as entertain. We hope you enjoy the listen.

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Ep 28 Ben Gibson The Toolbox Team

We take a break from the agronomy side of turf to bring you Ben Gibson. After the feedback we received from Ben’s previous episode last year we thought it would be good to get him back and dive deeper this time. We speak this time on a couple of topics starting with conflict within the […]

Ep 27 University Florida Dr Phil Harmon

After GIS in Orlando this year I headed up towards Gainesville Florida to the turf research station in Citra Florida (there are 3 in the state). Besides the tour of the facility I sit down with Dr Harmon and talk diseases warm season grasses and turf in Florida. For those not aware Florida is one […]

Ep 26 GIS 2020 Ben McGraw

Ben McGraw Penn State leading Turf entomologist. He knows insects. I sat down with ben again this year at GIS and spoke to him about insects issues we have here as well as new frontiers in managing pests with “microbiome”. This is a term that you will see more and more of but what is […]

Ep 25 GIS 2020 Dr Cale Bigelow

Cale is an all-round smart man with everything and anything to do with turf. I speak to Cale on the university and what Purdue is all about. We get into some of the work he does and the challenges he faces. Cale was kind enough to give me some time with such a busy schedule […]

Ep 24 GIS 2020 Dr Jim Brosnan @ Dr Fred Yelverton

APOLOGIES FOR THE SOUND ISSUES IT GETS BETTER AS THE DISCUSSION GOES ON. A double act here to get two of the top weed scientists on a podcast together. Dr Yelverton is no stranger to Australia as he has visited our shores a few times as a keynote speaker for the Australasian Turfgrass Conference. Dr […]

Ep 23 Stan Kostka

Stan is familiar with Australian audiences and has been in the surfactant game for over 25 years. Stan has invented and help develop some of the worlds most used surfactants over that time. I talk to Stan on his most recent work on surfactants (also known as wetting agents) at Penn State with Dr Mike […]

Ep 22 Dr Scott McElroy

Today’s episode was again at GIS 2020 where I had a chat with Dr Scott McElroy. Many Australians would know Scott from when he was out in Australia for the walk and talks we did as well as the Turf Conference in New Zealand. We speak on herbicides and herbicide resistance and what hold in […]

Ep 21 Pullin Weeds 2020

As usual please subscribe to our podcast and give us a rating and a comment. This episode is slightly different where I was a guest on a podcast. The podcast is called “Pullin Weeds” It’s the official podcast of the Carolinas Association in the US. The podcast interviewers’ members of the association in all aspects on […]

Ep 20 Golf Industry Show 2020

In this episode I have mashed together the 4 days at GIS. These recordings were posted on our YouTube channel and now can be listened to in on episode. Please enjoy.   

Ep 19 Welcome to 2020 What a Start and GIS Preview

In the first episode for 2020 I discuss the extreme weather in Australia with the bushfires. At the time of recording good rain was forecast and its implications for turf managers.  I also talk about the GIS the golf industry show and my plans for the week with podcast guests. Follow the week from GIS. […]