Ep 38 Stephen Smith “The Golfing Greenkeeper”

In this episode I speak to Steve Smith an ex superintendent I’ve known for 15 years running his own premium maintenance turf business. However, I am talking to him about his podcast, “The Golfing Greenkeeper.” The podcast has 2 themes to it. The first is Steve gives updates on the Australian golfing world and works happening on golf courses. As well as reporting on new projects being developed in Australia. The other theme is he speaks to current superintendents on their career and life as a greenkeeper. I have been an avid listener and wanted our friends to know more about the podcast and Steve. We speak about his time as a super and what got him into doing the podcast. Please have a listen to this episode.

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Australian Turf Analysis

This is the last podcast for 2021 thank you for everyone for listening downloading subscribing and sharing. From everyone at Colin Campbell Chemicals we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas ands prosperous New year.

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