Ep 34 Dr Ben McGraw Entomologist Penn State University

In today’s episode I speak to De Ben McGraw a entomologist from Penn State University. Ben has been on the podcast before on episodes. We catch on COVID and how he has adapted.

Again I speak to him about weevils as this insect is the most troublesome insect on cool season grasses in the US as it is here in Australia particularly in NSW. Even though in Australia we have the Argentine stem Weevil the characteristics and behaviour is very similar to the Annual Bluegrass Weevil in the US.

There has been some new technology available to turf managers to control weevils and other insects We go through these options and the experience in the US. The talk gives a good understanding of how to best use these chemistries.

Of course I ask him about turf LEGO.

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Guest of Turf Lego  (please note this is for entertainment purposes only)
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Previous episode with Ben McGraw recorded in 2020

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