Ep 32 Dr. John Kaminski Penn State University

In this episode I finally get to sit down and have a chat with john. John is a good friend and was one of the first people I met through the use of social media back 10 years ago. He was instrumental in leading the way social media could be utilised for turf. Dr. Kaminski now serves as the Director of the Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program (2-Year Program) at Penn State. John continues his research which focuses on optimization of chemical and cultural management strategies for turfgrass diseases and weeds.

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Penn State turfgrass

In the chat we speak about how COVID has been going in the US and here in Australia as well as how his teaching and research has been affected. We go through current trial work and have a good all-round discussion on turf. We also speak on PoaCure and what he has bene seeing in the US

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