Ep 31 People First

Today we have one of my favourite and most popular guest ls back Ben Gibson from The Toolbox Team. However this episode is a little different as Ben has just finished his first book which is being printed as we were recording this episode. The name of the book is called “People First.” We speak about the idea behind it and how it came about. Ben also shares the support he received from his family but also many in the turf industry.

To win a copy of Bens Book People

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Ben also has his popular Leadership Forum back in 2021 across Australia and New Zealand. Dates can be found:

The book will be available on The Toolbox Team website in late May 2021:

Other topics and references included in the podcast is PoaCure:

New herbicide Stature coming soon

80 year Story

The ASTMA Conference on the Gold Coast in June:

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