Podcasts - "Behind the Turf"

Behind The Turf is our podcast for turf & landscape mangers. Our podcast brings you various topics from around the the turf world with interviews from leading university professors, current thoughts on topics effecting the industry as well as various interviews with prominent turf managers in Australia. the aim of the podcast is to educate as well as entertain. We hope you enjoy the listen.

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Ep 38 Stephen Smith “The Golfing Greenkeeper”

In this episode I speak to Steve Smith an ex superintendent I’ve known for 15 years running his own premium maintenance turf business. However, I am talking to him about his podcast, “The Golfing Greenkeeper.” The podcast has 2 themes to it. The first is Steve gives updates on the Australian golfing world and works […]

Ep 37 Jim Brosnan & Devon Carroll University Tennessee (UT) and special co-host John Neylan

I had the pleasure of a chat with 3 very smart people today. This episode introduced a graduate student of Dr Jim Brosnans, Devon Carroll who is working on a her PHD. We firstly speak about her research about women in turf and the findings she has found on why and why not women work […]

Ep 36 John Neylan Turf Agronomist & Shane Greenhill

In todays episode I have 2 guests who I have been wanting to get onto the show. John Neylan is very well known in Australia and worldwide with his research and agronomy services. John has been lead the AGCSA (now ASTMA) for a number of years and also worked independently. He is now with SportEng […]

Ep 35 Dr Brandon Horvath Plant Pathologist University Tennessee

This episode features Dr. Brandon Horvath from University Tennessee. Brandon is a turf pathologist with the university and a teacher and conducts turf research. We catch on COVID and how he has adapted with teaching and life. This discussion really gives some great information as we dive deep into the topics of diseases and fungicides. […]

Ep 34 Dr Ben McGraw Entomologist Penn State University

In today’s episode I speak to De Ben McGraw a entomologist from Penn State University. Ben has been on the podcast before on episodes. We catch on COVID and how he has adapted. Again I speak to him about weevils as this insect is the most troublesome insect on cool season grasses in the US […]

Ep 33 Dr Scott McElroy Weed Scientist Auburn University

This episode we welcome back Dr Scott McElroy from Auburn university. Scott appeared in episodes 1 and 22. We have an entertaining chat with a lot of humour and sarcasm just to lighten the mood. Scott was aware of our situation and wanted to bring some joy to the listeners. We talk about what he […]

Ep 32 Dr. John Kaminski Penn State University

In this episode I finally get to sit down and have a chat with john. John is a good friend and was one of the first people I met through the use of social media back 10 years ago. He was instrumental in leading the way social media could be utilised for turf. Dr. Kaminski […]

Ep 31 People First

Today we have one of my favourite and most popular guest ls back Ben Gibson from The Toolbox Team. However this episode is a little different as Ben has just finished his first book which is being printed as we were recording this episode. The name of the book is called “People First.” We speak […]

Ep 30 Crowsfoot Webinar

Welcome to the first podcast of Behind The Turf for 2021. This episode is slightly different as it is a webinar that was recorded in September 2021 on crowsfoot grass control (known also as goose grass). The webinar was run in partnership with Greenway Turf Solutions our national distributors. It was part of their online […]

Ep 29 Dr John Dempsey “Mr Phosphite”

Did you want a quick lesson on phosphites on what they are and how they work and how they are different? This episode is for you. I speak to Dr John Dempsey of Ireland who is a former superintendent Royal Curragh Golf Club and is now an independent turf researcher. John has recently published his […]