PoaCure Is Here with Full Registration May 2020

Available in 500mL bottles

Wintergrass is one of the most difficult weeds to control due to its adaptable nature in Australia. It has been an issue in turf management for as long as anyone can remember and has been documented over 100 years ago the USGA.

PoaCure is a revolutionary herbicide to control wintergrass (Poa) in recreational turf. PoaCure contains the active ingredient Methiozolin that hass a mode of action and is unlike any other herbicide before it. (It is still unclassified). PoaCure is slow acting, long lasting and is able to reduce and eliminate wintergrass from your turf without disrupting your surface. PoaCure not only works on Poa annua, but also on all biotypes of Poa commonly found in Australia that have been difficult to control.

PoaCure was developed by Moghu Research in South Korea from 2007and at time of writing PoaCure has registration in South Kora, Japan, USA and now Australia.

Nadeem Zreikat of Campbell Chemicals says excitingly, “We are proud to be able to offer PoaCure to Australian Turf managers. The results in the independent replicated trials and what we have seen under the research permit have been very encouraging even on high population Poa areas on greens. The other encouraging aspect is the use on Poa which has known resistance and the ability to control that Poa as well whether it be on fairways, surrounds, sportsfields or greens.”

PoaCure can be used on all types of cool (except chewing fescue and brown top bent) and warm season grass surfaces including:

  • Golf & bowling greens,
  • Fairways,
  • Surrounds & Approaches
  • Tees,
  • Sportsfields
  • Turf farms
  • Racetracks etc

PoaCure is available in 500mL bottles so yo can try small areas before treating all your turf.

We have a dedicated PoaCure website with plenty of information being added regularly For more information on PoaCure please visit


117 Days after initial treatment 4 applications