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Drought to Flood and a few forecasts- Sep 2011

This is a short video that I found through @ABCRural that shows the extreme of the drought and the drought breaking. Worth a quick look   Also look likes we are in for a wetter summer in all states except Vic and Tas (they are looking at average rainfall) but not as bad […]

Seminar Trade Show Season 2011- updated

This post has been updated as of 22nd June Well its that time of the year again where we start to look at ways to improve our facilities with various education seminars ands trad eshow on offer. I wanted to put a brief list of these events coming up. I hope to see some of […]

Daytona & World Golf Hall of Fame January 2011

Before I go into Daytona let me just mention “Tweetup” during GIS. This was organised by John Kaminski of Penn State The idea came about for those who are on the social media platform (namely twitter) to meet up in person. It was sponsored by Aquatrols this year and I think it will be an […]

US Turf conference 2011review

Well arrived Saturday and typical got questioned. My fault I did not fill out the visa application correctly. I did say to them it never asked me to print the thing or pay money only to update details. However they were very courteous. One Aussie I know also was questioned due to a small discrepancy […]

Review your season 2011

Well the season is slowing down with daylight savings coming to an end (some states anyway) days are getting shorter winter is coming. good for some bad for others. Now is the time to start doing a review of the summer that was. There were plenty of disease issues over the summer and disease pressure […]

Murray region tour Southern NSW/Victoria – August 2011

Well it’s been a while since my last update but things have been very busy preparing for the season ahead not just turf but our horticulture side as well.   I’m just coming back from the TGAA murray region seminar which was a great day this year at Corowa Golf Club which was very welcoming. […]

Slime Mold November 2011

        With all this wet weather in eastern Australia there have been some diseases that have been germinating that you would not normally see. One such disase is slime mould. These pictures were taken on a greenlees couch grass bowling green. Slime mould can occur on any turf surface. It is not […]

Benefits of Golf & Golf etiqutte articles June 2011

Just a quick link to an article I found through on the the people I follow on Twitter. It describes the health beneifts of golf which should be communicated as much as possible to players within your club as well.;twitter   This article I found via GCSAA nothing to do from my end […]

Lost Farm Tasmania January 2011

      A little over a 2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of Tas Turf Solutions and 14 Tasmanian supers/curators to play Tasmania’s and Australia’s newest golf course Lost Farm. Opened December last year and set adjacent to the famous Barnbougle Dunes lies Lost Farm (same owner as Barnbougle. Lost Farm is designed […]

Escaping winter to the North June 2011

I was able to head to North QLD the other month from cold wet weather to sunny QLD. I missed most of that rain that hammered Sydney during the week and arrived in sunny 25 degree Celsius.     The wet season had truly been left behind and any reminisence of the floods. The only […]