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US Turf Conference – San Antonio 2015

I am now back from a week at the US turf conference. This years theme for the week was “Where big things happen”. Big things did happen in terms of the weather. IT WAS FREEZING and many did not make their flight outs at the end of the week due to Dallas airport being shut […]

US Turf Conference 2015 Live Blog

Its been a quiet January on the blog post. I apologise for that but things have been very hectic as you know in the turf industry. I hope the summer isn’t going to bad for you and things will start to quiet down a bit. There has been alot of disease in NSW and QLD […]

Merry Christmas 2014

  Just a quick post to wish everyone all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year from everyone here from Colin Campbell Chemicals. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it and that your year was that little easier. I have got […]

Disease Alert Pythium spp update Sydney Dec 2014

As continued from my last post we are experiencing very high pythium levels with all those storms around. It seems if you didn’t get the first 3 the next 3 hit your area. We tend to see Pythium blight and Pythium root rot. Both are very destructive and come in quickly like all Pythium diseases. […]

High to Extreme Disease Alert Sydney – December 2014

Wow after the driest spring on record and a very dry and hot November December has had a u-turn. high temps high rainfall. This is what I saw yesterday on the radar and on the road. Yes it did get worse after I got home (pic taken by passenger). The red on the radar meant […]

Pig Dog Pigment Cleaner 2014

Do you have a spray unit that looks like this after using pigments or products formulated with a dye or pigment? At Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd we have developed a cleaner for this very issue call Pig Dog The photo above shows that the left side of the spray bar was treated with Pig […]

Filmstar- make your miticides fertilsiers and other chemicals work better

In Australia we all know how powerful the sun can be and we take appropriate measures to protect ourselves but what about the products we are putting out? There are quite a few chemicals, fertilsiers that breakdown quickly in UV light. To give an example bifenthrin (Our product is Biff) is known to break very […]

Summer is upon us – November 2014

Well as alot of you do as I do we constantly look at the weather to see what possible turf growing conditions we are facing. At the moment we are looking for some rain (well majority of us are but  the golf tournaments are starting and the less variables the better). I did a post […]

Finally some Rain for Sydney- October 2014

Regular readers our turf blog will know that I put out a post every year around this time for a disease alert for brown patch dollar spot and pythium. This year is a little late as it has been very dry and pressure has been low. However this is all about the change as I […]

Kaminski and McElroy Seminars 2014

Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd hosted 2 turf seminars 12th and 14th August 2014 in Sydney and Cairns featuring Dr John Kaminski from Penn State University and Dr Scott McElroy from Auburn University Alabama in the USA. Both speakers were very well received and delegates went back to their facility with ample information to better […]