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AGCSA Turf Conference 2016 #32ATC – PREVIEW

The Australian Turfgrass Conference is only 3 weeks away . Hard to believe isn’t it. A few things I want to point out which I hope you can attend or use for the conference.
There are plenty of talks on during the week and some great speakers but one not to be missed is myself (Yes totting my own horn here)

US Turf Conference 2016- San Deigo

As my last post I went to the US for the GIS conference as it is called. This year was in San Diego which is about 3 hours south of LA. Its a great city and people say its very similar to Sydney with the feel and the harbour. It does somewhat and the weather was glorious. We were very lucky as it was  26C everyday and not a cloud in the sky

US Turf Conference 2016

I am lucky enough to be heading to the US turf conference next week. I will again be contributing a live blog for Turf Republic this year as I have done previous. With this live blog you can get behind the scenes coverage from a number of contributors. Make sure you check it out here […]

Dollar Spot Options 2016

Just a quick post on dollar spot options as we are coming into more of a peak for dollar spot control with high humidity and heavy dews. February in Sydney is the most humid month of the year according to BOM.             At Campbell’s we have many options for dollar […]

Extreme Disease pressure January 2016 -NSW

What a start to the year for NSW. After a a great greenkeepers Christmas January has turned to the extreme with high temps humidity and rainfall. I started to see a few sick turf surfaces around the place just due to sheer pressure. With these conditions you need to look at for the remainder of […]

Merry Christmas 2015

  I would like to thank every reader of this blog and all of our clients who have supported us throughout the year. We wish you and your families a safe and Merry Christmas and have a safe New Year. We hope you all have a greenkeepers Christmas and have get to have a break. […]


Its been a bit quiet on the blog front lately I apologise there has been quite a bit going on with us at Campbell’s. In between trials and traveling we have partnered up with Ventrac Sydney and Ventrac Australia putting on a morning we call “Turf Solutions With Eggs” . The aim of the days […]

GF Weekend 2015

I usually write this post saying disease pressure is going through the roof but looking at the forecast for east coast Australia we are going to be getting some really hot temps and this does not go well with long weekends.Don’t get me wrong disease pressure is increasing as turf will be more vulnerable to […]

Monstar Permit extended for 2016-2017

Just an updated that Monstar has received an extension as the old one was due to expire expired on the 30th September. Registration to the APVMA has been submitted for the control of fairy ring and rhizoctonia (brown patch) and we are waiting approval which should be early next year. In the meantime please download […]

CCC, K&B Seminar featuring Percy Wong & Gary Demspey August 2015

Last month I was honored to be part of a educational seminar put on by K&B Adams (our Victorian Distributor) and ourselves featuring Dr Percy Wong from the University of Sydney and Gary Dempsey Superintendent NSW Golf Club. Percy and Gary have been in the industry a very long time and their experience really showed […]