GIS US Turf Conference 2018

I’ve been back for a little while now from San Antonio and had time to review the show. I did some quick VLOG (video blogs) while I was there and I hope you had a chance to view them and get something from them.You can watch the videos here


With this post I’ll sumarise alot more.

I started the trip with a trip to Auburn University where my good mate Scott McElroy is based. Scott for those who don’t know is the keynote speaker for the AGCSA NZ conference (Australasian Turf Conference) this year and we are proud to be able to help bring him out and introduce him to turf managers here and across the pond.

My Auburn photo tour


After Auburn I headed with Scott to Atlanta to fly to San Antonio. On the way we recorded an additional interview which I will post later on general turf weed discussions.  It seemed everyone on our flight was heading to GIS with Dr Fred Yelverton (many of you know), supers from the area and a heap of sales reps (yep felt right at home).

GIS Seminars

This year was a weed theme for me. I attended the following:

Advanced Weed Management
Fred Yelverton- North Carolina University
Bert McCarty- Clemson University

Weed Watch
Jim Brosnon University Tennessee
Gerald Henry University Georgia

The speakers wer egreast and many of us have heard Fred speak. Bert is a wealth of knowledge and has been around a long time. The other talk with Jim and Gerald was really useful and gave practical advice for managing weeds as well as thinking outside the box- I will post more late ron.

Both weeds talks were full of useful information. The main point is that there are no new modes of actions on their way in the US. There are new actives and new mixes but whether they ever make it here who knows. What this means is that we will be having less options for herbicides and resistance will be a bigger and bigger issue for you. i know there is documented resistance to poa and sedges already in Australia.


The take home point was to look at your herbicide program like your fungicide program.

  • Mix it up don’t over use a particular grouping.
  • Utilise pre and post emergent products.
  • Spray weeds early don’t let them mature.
  • Map your weeds
  • Choose the right product for the weed not just what someone else used
  • Some weeds can germinate anytime be vigilant


Encouraging Poa Annua
Dr John Kaminski
Dr Ben McGraw both from Penn State.

This talk was quite different to anyth9ing you expect. We all want to kill poa. However as many of my readers manage poa not bent grass in greens. This talk was definitely entertaining with John and Ben really doing a great job. I spoke to them after at length and they are keen to continue this on and add another dimension to it. It was good to hear about John’s work with tournament prep as well which is very cutting edge. Ben is full of useful insect information and strategies with timing and life cylces wer every much important to know and utilsie even though we have slighlty different grubs.

The Show

I’ve now been lucky enough to have attended show for 11 years. Times have changed the GFC put paid to that. Where before you did need 3 days to get around the show now you can easily do it in a day. However before you had anything to do with golf whether it be on turf, clubhouse, promoting the game or anything in between. Now its more turf based which is good but I always liked the other side of the fence as well.


I hope you enjoyed this review as well as my videos. Please feel free to contact me with any questions using social media or




Social Media awards
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