Emerald New Generation Contact Fungicide


Emerald is now available. After speaking to many turf managers over the past year registration has been granted and stock is available from our exclusive Emerald distributors below.

  • Fernland Agencies
  • Greenway Turf Solutions
  • K&B Adams
  • Living Turf
  • Maxwell & Kemp
  • Newcastle Greenkeeping Supplies
  • PJC Sportsturf
  • Simplot
  • Tas Turf Solutions

Key features of Emerald

  • New generation Contact Fungicide
  • New active ingredient fluazinam and resistance (Group 29)
  • Liquid formulation
  • Low rates 1-1.5L/ha
  • Broad spectrum- dollar spot, anthracnose, helmo, gray leaf spot
  • Superior sticking and rainfast properties
Please note there is a 5 day re entry period for all non golf use. see label for full details.

I have created a short 13minute video that I presented at the VGCSA country meeting last year. this  is a good quick intro to the product.


You can Download the Emerald Brochure here

Emerald Fungicide 2018 low res

Emerald label can be downloaded here


Safety Data Sheet is available here

Campbell Emerald Fungicide

Feel free to email me with any question you have on Emerald zreikat@campbellchemicals.com.au