Well we are not too far away from the Australasian turf conference. I was at AGCSA headquarters a couple of weeks back and preparations are coming along nicely. One thing I will say which some readers may not realise is the effort that goes in to organising an event of this size. What makes it more difficult is the location with the the time zone difference and the fact getting to NZ is an effort. So please if you are going to Wellington make sure you thanks to the AGCSA staff for the effort they have put in.
This year we won’t have a trade stand which will be first time in a long time. However we are proud to help bring Scott McEroy from Auburn University for the conference. Scott is the keynote speaker for the conference and has been a friend of mine for a number of years. It is Scott’s  second time in Australia and first time in NZ. Please make him feel welcome when you see him. Scott will be talking on anything weeds, herbicides and research he has conducted over the years. at our walk and talk tours he will also be previewing a Poa control product that is ground breaking in that space that we are developing. If you want to more contact me.
I did a short video when I was in the US visiting Auburn University which you can watch here. He explains the plan for the trip.
As well as the conference we did  2 walk n talk tours which I am proud to say have received a great response. We are fully booked for Victoria and well over 80 people for Sydney.  Of course I would not of been able to do this without the help of industry partners who want to help bring good real education to the industry. Thank you Jacobsen, JT Turf, ADE, , K&B Adams, Heritage Sseds NSWGCSA, STA NSW and the AGCSA.
A quick video after the event
Even though we don’t have a stand at the conference you can still expect a lot from the social media side from myself. My popular well I hope you liked it video blogs will be back. I will be posting daily if not more often on our YouTube channel but also though Facebook and Twitter and email so I hope you can get a taste of things while we are there.
Make sure you plan your Trip to NZ right. I may state the obvious here but every little bit helps. Remember you are representing your club and take some business cards. If you don’t have some they are easy to get made up quickly.
Wellington is cold. This is the current forecast and average.
Event itself
Download the AGCSA app
Plan your seminars and events
Plan who you want to see at the show. If you want to talk to certain people let them know in advance asduring the show things can get busy.
Exchange money before the airport as their rates tend to suck. NZ doesn’t accept Australian dollars I heard even though our dollar is stronger. Or get a travel card.if you are a member of Qantas or Virgin frequent flyer.
Inform your bank you are going so they don’t call you or block any transactions. (Do this early in the morning as you get through pretty quick to them).
Mobile- many carriers allow you to use your phone plan and data while there. Some don’t. So check. Here is a link to the major carriers
Another option is getting a local SIM card while there (make sure your phone is unlocked though).
Take your phone charger and any power banks to charge while on the go.
Remember you can also download offline maps with google apps. Well worth it for Wellington.
Do you have travel insurance? The club’s insurance may cover you here. If not take some out. Costs outside Australia for medical etc can be expensive.
And as the old saying goes  “Don’t forget your PASSPORT” I mean it also don’t leave  it behind NZ when you leave the hotel. It’s never fun as I know a group of supers who left there’s once in the US on the way to the airport.
Have fun go crazy on social media (however remember think 4 times before posting especially after 8pm).
I hope I have everything here that helps.
See you in NZ I’ll be there most likely tweeting as you may of guessed.
Cheers Nadeem