AGCSA Turf Conference 2019 Preview

This has come around quicker than usual. After the prolonged summer everyone has experienced winter come around quickly. I hope everyone got to have a break or at least planning to.

This year the AGCSA Conference heads back to Brisbane which is a nice change as we haven’t been there in quite a few years. After helping to bring out Dr Scott McElroy last year and being in NZ and enjoying the conference there we are back with our booth at this years show. 

We have some exciting things to share this year with some new technology as well as glimpses of the future. What am I talking about is:

  • Apollo- our miticide is now fully registered and brings in a new dynamic with the control of couch mite eggs. This is different way of targeting the mite life cylce. Come see how best to use it and pick up a free mite chart developed by Peter McMaugh and Don Loch.
  • PoaCure- for those that know the name it’s a reality and will be available in Australia within 12-18 months (registration timing can vary though). Come and see us and talk to us on a new long term way to control poa.
  • Moxam- our newest insecticide for quite some time. It has the active ingredient thiamethoxam and is a liquid formulation. As i am writing this we have had confirmation of registration.

As well we have launched the first ever Australian turf Podcast called “Behind the Turf” you can check out all the episodes here



Apple podcasts,


Also being a trade show without fun giveaways is just boring. So we have these great Monstar dry bags for the first 50 people to sign up to our Facebook page and fill out a short survey and like our facebook page. Go ahead like it now and save time let us know.

What is a dry bag well this is a dry bag. It keeps things dry (or wet)

Great for keeping wet clothes or swimmers in it and wont leak. Or keep your valuables dry when around water or just keep things safe in general.

As a bonus the first 6 people  reading this blog and can’t make the conference can get one you just need to like our Facebook  page and email me with your name, name of workplace, position in workplace email address and phone number.

Email me
The first 6 people would do this correctly will get a dry bag.

Lastly I will be giving everyone behind the scenes of the conference through various social media channels including


facebook- our page and Turf Management Australia facebook Group

You Tube

Twitter- I also have a list of Australian turf managers on our page Just go to lists and subscribe.

Well I hope to see everyone there or if you can’t make please follow us on social media.

Thanks Nadeem