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AGCSA Conference Live Blog with Turf Republic 2016

Again this year I will running a live blog with help from my mates Turf Republic

In this live blog you will see updates form the week with information and pictures from the

  • conference dinner
  • tradeshow setup
  • tradeshow general
  • various social activities from the week

There will also be a TurfSnap badge available to anyone there. Just download the TurfSnap app See this link for more details)

You can also search for things about the conference using #32ATC

You can see plenty of photos from my twitter feed www.twitter.com/campbellturf

I will also be looking to use Periscope to live stream parts of the show. A link will be put out later on for this through my twitter feed www.twitter.com/campbellturf

Details as follows:

There is a dedicated AGCSA conference page which can be found at:


This live blog link


This is the intro podcast i did with Bill about the conference


1st Ever Australian Turf TWEETUP @ ACGSA Conference #32ATC

I’ve been thinking about this for a bit of time especially after the success of the US one which i have posted before (If you don’t know what I’m speaking about have a look at this post here from the Vegas GIS the 2nd ever Tweetup ) It was a great way to meet people that i would not normally of met if it wasn’t for twitter and made some long term friendship because of it. As I posted last night thank to @itweetturf @GCI_Magaine @TurfRepublic for the inspiration

After a discussion with Dean Hardman from the Australian Golf Course on the conference he said he would like to meet all the people who are on twitter and facebook in person. So I said we can look at organising it. With help from Peter Frewin and the AGCSA staff we decided to hold a short meet and greet (TWEETUP) during the opening to the trade show on the Tuesday.. All details are below. So please come along there will be drinks around the place and a great way to meet those on social media face to face.

Feel free to hit me up before or during the conference for any questions on twitter or


If you cna’t make it I’ll be running a live blog again and doing some live streaming so keep an eye out on my twitter feed for the link (www.twitter.com/campbellturf)

Also Please use #32ATC when posting anything on social media about the conference.
Note entry to the Tuesday is for full registered delegates


Tweetup details

AGCSA Turf Conference 2016 #32ATC – PREVIEW

Photo 25-06-2015 7 20 18 pm (Copy)






The Australian Turfgrass Conference is only 3 weeks away . Hard to believe isn’t it. A few things I want to point out which I hope you can attend or use for the conference.

There are plenty of talks on during the week and some great speakers but one not to be missed is myself (Yes totting my own horn here)

Tuesday 21st June 3.20pm-4pm I am proud to be doing a session on
“Building Your Profile Using Social Media”

What i aim to do is

  • Give you the tools available within social media to raise your profile

  • How to use those tools and

  • Create your own personal brand and make this an asset.

As well as making it fun along the way I hope to give everyone something to take home..


The AGCSA has released their app again for the conference it is similar to last year with some new features including:

As well the functionality and smoothness is alot better as well. I urge everyone to download it even if you are not going to the conference

Photo 1-06-2016, 2 18 49 PM

Download on iphone or Ipad

Download on google Play

In my next post I’ll tell you about an exciting event after my talk and the preview our stand.





2014 Work smarter




A blue stop sign from US last year.

I’ve chosen this heading to kick off 2014 as we are all busy these days and do work alot. My thinking is lets our ask ourselves to work smarter by working out on doing things better. This has been a continual theme with discussions on social media in turf world wide.

From our point of view I will bring you updates on new innovative products including our continuing work on Monstar which many of you have used and our new surfactant Filmstar. As well as new products we i will have thoughts and ideas how to help better manage your turf with varying climatic conditions across the country.

What’s on the agenda this year? There is alot happening this year here is a small sample of what is on offer.

GIS conference Orlando. 

I wont be there this year to give you a review however with modern technology you can see all the important happenings right from your computer, tablet or phone. Turf Republic has developed a portal for just this where you can keep up to date with the show. It’s an easy site to use and has everything you need at your finger tips. Just click on the link below and bookmark the page.


 Turfchat Australia via Turf Republic

There are plans for more episodes this year. I am always open to new ideas so please feel free to suggest a topic.We are looking at bringing you up to date information and new ideas you can adapt to your facility.

If you would like to join in a future episode all are welcome. it is very easy to do and only requires a computer/tablet/phone with a webcam and about an hour of your time. If you would like to join me please email me zreikat@campbellchemcials.com.au

AGCSA conference

We also hope to see you at the AGCSA conference on the Gold Coast this year. From 23rd-27th June. The initial program has something for everyone to learn from so I urge as many of you to be there this year. 

We will have a stand at the show and hope to see you as many of you there. We will be providing various information on turf management as well as our love of social media and apps. Put these dates in the diary. 

STA NSW Cricket Wicket Seminar

This is a bi-annual and is ear marked for August this year. The conference is different to other ones as its more practical hands on approach to prepare wickets and ovals. More information to come.

I am moving our blog to our new website which is up and running now. That will hapen in the next month or so. I will be able to provide better information in an easy to read format. To see the new site go to www.campbellchemicals.com.au

I will update more as time goes on but please feel read some pasts posts. Some popular ones from last year were:

John Kaminski seminar review 

Facts about Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd


Dacogreen WeatherShield


Turfchat Australia