AGCSA Turf Conference Preview Campbell Stand 20 #32ATC

As mentioned we are proud to have a stand at the Australian Turfgrass Conference. We are located Stand 20- left hand side of the show.

The show is at Crown Palladium in Melbourne 21st-23rd June

Tuesday 4-6 Trade show opening (for registered delegates)
Wednesday 9pm-5pm
Thursday 9am-1.30pm

For more information see this invite

Come and have a chat to us about everything from agronomics to social media and apps in your workplace.

I will be running my blog competition again. All you need to do is fill out the form on the stand.

If you can’t make the show or want to fill it out earlier don’t worry just click on this link to download a form and fill it out Click here for form

Email the form back to subject AGCSA

1st prize
Golf’s Royal Clubs book (retail $200)

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews has commissioned a new book that celebrates the 65 golf clubs throughout the world that have been conferred the royal title by the British Royal Family.

The book was commissioned to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and has been written by golf course architect Scott Macpherson.

Golf’s Royal Clubs: Honoured by the British Royal Family 1833-2013 is a comprehensive guide to this unique group of golf clubs. The book profiles each royal golf club and recounts their journeys towards acquiring the royal title and their relationship with the Royal Family.

book royals

2nd Prize
6000mAH Powerrbank
Charger (retail $60)

power bank 6000

3rd Prize
3200mAh Powerbank Charger (retail $40)

power bank 3200

All information on the conference can be found @

I will be doing a live blog and will send details out shortly.

Don’t forget to see my previous posts on the Tweetup and my talk

As well Turf Republic have their Turfsnap app where you casn take pictures during the week and add the AGCSA badge onto the picture and share it on your social networks.

If you haven’t downloaded Turfsnap see this link here.
Available on ios only

Don’t forget

Tuesday 21st June 3.20pm-4pm I am proud to be doing a session on
“Building Your Profile Using Social Media”

See you all in Melbourne and if you can’t make it follow the live blog.


Nadeem Zreikat
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1st Ever Australian Turf TWEETUP @ ACGSA Conference #32ATC

I’ve been thinking about this for a bit of time especially after the success of the US one which i have posted before (If you don’t know what I’m speaking about have a look at this post here from the Vegas GIS the 2nd ever Tweetup ) It was a great way to meet people that i would not normally of met if it wasn’t for twitter and made some long term friendship because of it. As I posted last night thank to @itweetturf @GCI_Magaine @TurfRepublic for the inspiration

After a discussion with Dean Hardman from the Australian Golf Course on the conference he said he would like to meet all the people who are on twitter and facebook in person. So I said we can look at organising it. With help from Peter Frewin and the AGCSA staff we decided to hold a short meet and greet (TWEETUP) during the opening to the trade show on the Tuesday.. All details are below. So please come along there will be drinks around the place and a great way to meet those on social media face to face.

Feel free to hit me up before or during the conference for any questions on twitter or

If you cna’t make it I’ll be running a live blog again and doing some live streaming so keep an eye out on my twitter feed for the link (

Also Please use #32ATC when posting anything on social media about the conference.
Note entry to the Tuesday is for full registered delegates


Tweetup details

AGCSA Turf Conference 2016 #32ATC – PREVIEW

Photo 25-06-2015 7 20 18 pm (Copy)






The Australian Turfgrass Conference is only 3 weeks away . Hard to believe isn’t it. A few things I want to point out which I hope you can attend or use for the conference.

There are plenty of talks on during the week and some great speakers but one not to be missed is myself (Yes totting my own horn here)

Tuesday 21st June 3.20pm-4pm I am proud to be doing a session on
“Building Your Profile Using Social Media”

What i aim to do is

  • Give you the tools available within social media to raise your profile

  • How to use those tools and

  • Create your own personal brand and make this an asset.

As well as making it fun along the way I hope to give everyone something to take home..


The AGCSA has released their app again for the conference it is similar to last year with some new features including:

As well the functionality and smoothness is alot better as well. I urge everyone to download it even if you are not going to the conference

Photo 1-06-2016, 2 18 49 PM

Download on iphone or Ipad

Download on google Play

In my next post I’ll tell you about an exciting event after my talk and the preview our stand.





US Turf Conference 2016- San Deigo

As my last post I went to the US for the GIS conference as it is called. This year was in San Diego which is about 3 hours south of LA. Its a great city and people say its very similar to Sydney with the feel and the harbour. It does somewhat and the weather was glorious. We were very lucky as it was  26C everyday and not a cloud in the sky

My week started as soon as i landed and headed to Mission Viejo Golf Club where I was shown around by course superintendent and my mate Scot Dey. I met Scot last year after speaking to him on twitter for a while and we have been communicating ever since. It was great of him to give me so much time on a Saturday to show me his course. The unique things about the course is that its all kikuyu. Not uncommon in Australia but it is in the US. They have some couch left but this is being eradicated and the kikuyu taking over. When I was there they had some frosts around which hit the roughs more so. The greens were 100% poa and looking and playing very well. They are going through one of the toughest droughts of the moment but Scot and his crew have done a fabulous job.

Myself and Scot

Looking at the clubhouse Par 3 drop

iphone 7-3-16 011 (Copy) A very long tee

Scot also hosted a group of Aussies the next day. The course management were quite impressed with how many visitors and how far we had come to see the course.

Feel free to hit Scot up on twitter @scotdey





















GIS week for me started with meetings (I wont bore you there) and the education conference which I attend each time. This years lectures for me were:

  • Advanced Stress Management Strategies for Cool-Season Turfgrasses
  • Practical Turfgrass Microbiology
  • Enhanced Weed Management

All three were very informative and i will be positing in the future information from these talks.From what I picked up what we are doing here is the right thing in regards to managing healthy turf especially with the weather we have had this summer. However there is always room to fine tune your program.

One thing I did get was a video of syringing a green. which can viewed on our you tube channel. I received this from Dr Bingru Huang at Rutgers university.

These are the stats from the show


  • 5240 attended the education seminars
  • 450 played in the golf championships with Chris Burgess our Australian representative
  • 12571 total attendees for the week
  • Trade Show Size 2.3 hectares

You can see from the pictures in the gallery how big the show was. I did like a few features that were different this year.

The electric avenue area was a new where you could try out different machinery. I have a video as well here from a one man golf cart where you can view from our you tube channel

As well which is not turf related but golf related is this company I saw who allow people with disabilities can play golf. Have a look at the video below.

Lastly the GCI Magazine Social Media Awards 2016 were on again sponsored by Aqautrols. Take a look a all the winners from the show and feel free to hit them up for any information.

i will be posting more in the coming months so stay tuned.


US Turf Conference 2016

GIS Logo

I am lucky enough to be heading to the US turf conference next week.

I will again be contributing a live blog for Turf Republic this year as I have done previous. With this live blog you can get behind the scenes coverage from a number of contributors. Make sure you check it out here on a regular basis 

As well i will be posting plenty of photos on twitter so please have a look at my twitter feed.

As well if you are on twitter I aim to use Periscope at times as well.

I will be doing a review of the week with all the seminars I attended and the trade show after I get back as well.


If you need me during this time please call my office (02) 9725-2544 or I am available on email

Dollar Spot Options 2016

Just a quick post on dollar spot options as we are coming into more of a peak for dollar spot control with high humidity and heavy dews. February in Sydney is the most humid month of the year accordingSydney Humidity to BOM.







At Campbell’s we have many options for dollar spot control and a greater spectrum of FRAC (fungicide groups) than anyone else.

Here is a quick look at the options we have with FRAC next to it (click on each product for label & SDS link):

Also if you can utilise cultural controls as well your turf will be much better off. here are some tips to use over the next few months:

  • Remove dew daily (also before spraying contact fungicides especially)
  • Avoid drought stress
  • Maintain adequate nutrition especially N. Low N program increases dollar spot severity
  • Reduce shade and improve air circulation by either eliminating trees or cutting back branches
  • Dust greens on regular basis
  • Roll greens (start this process before onset of disease)
  • If seeding choose a cultivar that is less prone to dollar spot. Many new varieties have been developed over the past 10 year.
  • Clean equipment after use

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Nadeem Zreikat

Extreme Disease pressure January 2016 -NSW

What a start to the year for NSW. After a a great greenkeepers Christmas January has turned to the extreme with high temps humidity and rainfall.

I started to see a few sick turf surfaces around the place just due to sheer pressure.

With these conditions you need to look at for the remainder of the summer is your spray program.Normally 3 week intervals are working but with this much pressure you need to look at shortening intervals to 2 weeks. On top of that a in between spray may be needed just to top things with the onset of heavy rains.

The week ahead

IMG_2388 IMG_2387







Pythium is one disease that will be present now.

Water logged greens are a perfect environment for Pythium root rot. You can see Pythium as patterns in greens that follow the drainage lines. Equipment use also spreads the disease. If you have a short root system with compacted soil and poor drainage, your turf will need extra light watering to keep it alive. This will increase Pythium pressure, due to plant wetness. On the other hand, deep infrequent watering can increase Pythium pressure as well as the roots and the soil are being completely soaked which is conducive to Pythium outbreaks. Very hard to win in this situation. That is why it is important to maintain healthy turf and to use specific Pythium fungicides on a preventative basis.

Apply your fungicide (use Proplant here) down past the crown do not leave on the surface with application (water in slightly after your boom application)

Proplant image

As always we do recommend a broad spectrum tank mix partner with Proplant (as its is specific to pythium only) as when we were anyalysing the samples in the trials we always found other diseases namely brown patch. So have a look at partnering Proplant with Ippon, 250GT, Protak, Monstar,

Also be aware of algae with all the wet surfaces. A good mix is Dacogreen + Liquid Dek here.

Cultural Controls of Pythium:

  • Avoid too much N
  • Aerate the area slightly to allow more oxygen to penetrate the soil
  • Utilise pentrant wetting agents to push the moisture through the profile
  • Keep plants healthy as possible with using root stimulants and other biological products
  • Avoid mowing in moist hot weather
  • Raise mowing heights
  • Avoid verti cutting, top dressing if greens are infected  as it puts more stress on the plant
  • Reduce leaf wetness
  • Increase air flow and sunlight to Pythium prone areas

For more information see the brochure here Proplant Brochure Also have a look at our guide to managing pythium not just from a chemical point of view but from a cultural view. Disease guide rhizo eri pythium 2014

I hope this post helps understand the disease a little better and how to manage it.

Also I am heading to to the USA to GIS again and will be attending a few lectures that i will post about later on. You will be able to follow what is going on through the live blog I’ll be doing with Turf Republic again and along with my twitter feed. I will post all the link the week before.


As usual if you need any help feel free to contact me








Merry Christmas 2015


I would like to thank every reader of this blog and all of our clients who have supported us throughout the year.

We wish you and your families a safe and Merry Christmas and have a safe New Year. We hope you all have a greenkeepers Christmas and have get to have a break.

For our overseas readers and twitter followers (great to see an increase especially from Australia) I appreciate you reading the blog and communicating with me through other social media platforms. i enjoy our conversation on twitter and looking forward to meeting for the first time and catching up with old friends at GIS next year.

Wishing you all the best

Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd


Its been a bit quiet on the blog front lately I apologise there has been quite a bit going on with us at Campbell’s. In between trials and traveling we have partnered up with Ventrac Sydney and Ventrac Australia putting on a morning we call “Turf Solutions With Eggs” . The aim of the days was to showcase the Ventrac machinery and for us to discuss tips for the summer. We also showcased some information on a new fungicide we are working on and answered questions from attendees to help better prepare themselves for the summer. With the high disease pressure of last summer it was good for the guys to ask how best to apply fungicides for their situation and learn the limitations of fungicide sin these high pressure situations.

We put on 3 different days in different areas:

  • The Coast Golf Club -thank you Jordan
  • Riverside Golf Club (in Mildura Victoria)- thank you Richard in conjunction with our distributor K&B Adams and Ventrac Australia.
  • The Links Shell Cove Golf Club (thank you Shane)

Here are a few pictures from the days

Photo 26-11-2015 7 52 10 am Photo 26-11-2015 7 51 56 am (1) Photo 24-11-2015 8 43 44 am Photo 24-11-2015 8 11 40 am Photo 24-11-2015 7 41 28 am Photo 24-11-2015 7 37 32 am Photo 24-11-2015 7 37 23 am


































We will be doing more of these days in the New Year so keep an eye out. For anyone wanting to find out more please don’t hesitate to contact me.











GF Weekend 2015

I usually write this post saying disease pressure is going through the roof but looking at the forecast for east coast Australia we are going to be getting some really hot temps and this does not go well with long weekends.Don’t get me wrong disease pressure is increasing as turf will be more vulnerable to attacks in this hot weather namely anthracnose and brown patch.

Photo 30-09-2015 9 02 39 pm Photo 30-09-2015 9 02 32 pm Photo 30-09-2015 8 45 14 pm Photo 30-09-2015 8 45 08 pm Photo 30-09-2015 9 02 46 pm














Some tips to help you get through the hot weekend

  • •Use turning boards for mowers, reduce victory lap cuts
  • Maintain adequate soil moisture throughout stressful times.
  • •Keep a balanced soil profile (get a soil test do not guess)
  • •Improve air flow – cut down trees/branches
  • •Communication with the club management and members
  • •Promote a healthy growing environment
  • •Nutrition (Don’t be afraid to apply N – just know how much and what source)
  • •Removing dew (use DewCure here or dew brooms) to reduce leaf diseases
  • •Roll greens instead of mowing – alternate each day
  • •Raise mowing heights (even by a 0.5 mm makes a difference)
  • Utilise bio stimulant products during the growing season such as kelp (proven to increase root mass), amino acid (heat stress), humic/fulvic acid products. For any bio stimulant look at what’s inside it and see how each component helps the plant- ask questions to those selling them.
  • Hand water with wetting agent tablets especially for drier areas

Also if you haven’t been notified Monstar permit has been extended while the registration is being evaluated. You can download the permit here

Monstar 2015 permit PER14379


As well if you are interested in coming along to the STA golf day at Bayview gold club in Sydney all information can be downloaded here.

Overall have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the time off where you can..

Good luck to Graeme and the crew for the NRL GF and Tony and his crew for the AFL.