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AGCSA Conference 2017 Twin Waters


I apologise this went out a bit late as we had a few IT issues last week.

The 2017 conference is on right now as I post this and I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Congratulations to Brett Woodward for winning the AGCSA golf championships @ Pelican Waters well deserved.

The conference is back at Novotel Twin Waters on the sunshine coast in Queensland- sorry Jason Haines it would be great to be on your sunny coast.

They are some great talks this week. I really like the one with keynote speaker Dr Mike Richardson, David Warwick and John Neylan on effects of shade. There is some really good ground breaking stuff here with the work Avondale Golf Club is doing. As well some good workshops on herbicide resistance and poa management which are very topical at the moment.

For the trade we will be there and we will be close to two of our major agents Fernland Agencies and Greenway Turf Solutions.

This year will be showcasing our new fungicide Emerald. A brand new contact Fungicide for the control of dollar spot, helmo, anthracnose and gray leaf spot. At this time registered is pending and subject to APVMA approval. However that should not be too far away.


As well we will be there to answer any questions you have. Please come by and see us.

For all your social media needs keep up to date with #33ATC.

You can also read Turfmate article on the conference here

See you all there.


GIS 2017 Orlando Florida summary

I’m back from the US from the Golf Industry Show (GIS) in Orlando. I attended as usual the education conference on Monday and Tuesday and then the trade show the other days. My week concluded with a visit to the University of Florida to visit Dr Phil Harmon and Dr Carrie Harmon along with their lab technician Jeremy. I visited the university as we have done some disease diagnosis and resistance testing in the past with them (where I showed resistance in Sydney to the DMI class of fungicides to dollar spot). We discussed issues in the area and compared to Australia QLD is similar with all the warm season grasses.

I was shown around the lab where they take extra protocols with international samples. Everything has to be spot on especially receiving foreign materials. The process is the same as the local samples but the extra care has to be done.One thing I was impressed with is that a simple test is not so simple when the diagnosis becomes difficult and further analysis is done to get an accurate diagnosis for the client. I was also intrigued by all thre parts of the world where samples have been sent from, they truly are an international diagnosis lab.

Myself and the University of Florida team (Phil, Carrie, myself & Jeremy). Thank you so much everyone for taking out the time and look forward to working with you in the future.

I was very active on social media and many of you may have seen the videos of each day I did. If not here they are which give a good summary of the week. I will post more on the education seminars down the track. However if you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact me.





Stats from the show:

13,600 people attended across the week

5800 people went to the education seminars

Whats new?

Well not alot to be honest, but the most exciting thing was the GPS spray units now commonly available. Hopefully we will see these at our show from Jacobsen and Toro.These units will make spaying more efficient and changes on the go will be done in an instance- which will reduce the need to change your nozzles or water pressure all of it is done automatically.

I have been getting a few messages on digital job boards. I was at a presentation during the show from Jason Haines form Canada who i speak to regularly on twitter. He is an expert in this field and runs one for his 9 hole course for 3 staff. It is very simple to setup. For more information visit his digital job board blog

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my social media posts while I was over there. As well it was great to catch up with friends and make new ones.


i will post on the education seminars lately but in the meantime enjoy the pictures form the show.













Disease and Mite Seminar 2016

In November ourselves and K&B Adams had the pleasure of presenting two of the top turf minds in Australia. Dr Percy Wong and Professor Peter McMaugh in Adelaide.

The day started off with a supers forum with Percy where new diseases that have been identified were discussed. A number of these had been seen in South Australia and are a concern that not much is known about them and research fund are needed to learn more as well as come up with plans to combat them. Percy also spoke about the need for accurate diagnosis. Just because it has certain symptoms its doesn’t mean that that disease is present and a good disease turf testing lab can help here.

I went on and spoke about a new fungicide we have coming in March next year. This is a brand new active ingredient with a broad range of disease control including dollar spot, anthracnose,algae and helmo and grey leaf spot.. More information to follow in the new year.

As well Monstar update is for full registration February 2017

Afterwards Peter spoke about mites and the work he has done and the work he is doing in correct identification of the mite as there are number of mites out there which effect different grasses. Alot of research has been done by Peter and counterpart Don Loch but plenty of work needs to be done and research dollars are needed.

I’d like to thank the following of helping with the day. Without associations and passionate individuals we would not be able to put these  pure education days:


  • K&B Adams (Sam Sherriff) in partnering with us to put this on and make it all possible

  • Turfwise Consulting

All notes have been sent out to the delegates.

The day has been nicely summed up form Ivan Swinstead from Tea Tree Gully Golf club

“ Listening to Dr. Percy Wong and Peter McMaugh, two of our industries leading experts, talk about fungal diseases and Couch Mite in turf, demonstrated to me the issues that we can potentially face in maintaining Couch playing surfaces at our facility. Having Wintergreen Couch fairways at our club for twenty plus years now, Couch Mite and fungal disease are problems that our club has to deal with each year. It was interesting in hearing the options for control in both areas.”

photo-10-11-2016-12-30-55-pm-copy photo-10-11-2016-8-02-37-am-copy photo-10-11-2016-8-47-17-am-copy photo-10-11-2016-10-37-40-am-copy photo-10-11-2016-10-45-01-am-copy photo-10-11-2016-11-02-20-am-copy photo-10-11-2016-12-00-49-pm-copy photo-10-11-2016-12-01-05-pm-copy

AGCSA Conference review 2016 #32ATC


Well what a week it was. I write this over a week after as many who were there needed a week to recover as there was so much to learn and see.

I’ll let you read through the AGCSA review of the event with speakers etc but just to say there was good feedback all round.

Read the AGCSA review here.

Numbers were very good this year with the following:

  • 480 registered delegates
  • 58 trade companies (remember the venue was smaller than previous Melbourne conference)
  • 850 trade only registrations so total of over 1500 for the show itself (including all in attendance)

The dinner was a great success and I have uploaded a video of some of the award winners on the night.



I gave my talk on Tuesday afternoon on building your profile using social media- there was a slight change to the program so if anyone missed out I would be more than happy for you to contact me via email

I really enjoyed giving this talk this year. Personally it went better than I thought as to be honest I did not practice as much as I had hoped to. The feedback from the audience was great. thank you for coming up to me later on in the week and letting me know you enjoyed it. I look forward to bringing you more talks in the future and if anyone would like me to do a talk for your facility or association please contact me.

I do have my slides available as promised. Please click on this link

I really encourage everyone to look at their profile online and seeing how using social media can help. It has already helped me personally but also within our company.


The Trade Show


Crown was a great complex. Having everything all together in one place was perfect. Traffic through the show was consistent. If you passed by our stand as many did I hoped you enjoyed the experience. We were showcasing our updated product catalogue and some information on Monstar and controlling fairy ring more well as showcasing Pig Dog our pigment machinery cleaner and Blazon the non staining spray indicator). For information on these products feel free to download the information here via dropbox.

As well we ran a competition again this year, this years winner were:

  • Royal Book – Greg Marshall
  • Power Bank Charger (small) – Stephen Pellet
  • Power Bank Charger (Large) Chris Deppeler

Thanks you for all those who entered.

We also hosted the first ever mentioned in a previous post. the aim was to get anyone who uses social media to meetup in person. Thanks for all those that turned up. here are a few pics from the event and the show in general.

Lastly thank you to the AGCSA you put on a great show well done.

Next  years conference heads back to popular QLD at Twin Waters Resort for #33ATC






AGCSA Conference Live Blog with Turf Republic 2016

Again this year I will running a live blog with help from my mates Turf Republic

In this live blog you will see updates form the week with information and pictures from the

  • conference dinner
  • tradeshow setup
  • tradeshow general
  • various social activities from the week

There will also be a TurfSnap badge available to anyone there. Just download the TurfSnap app See this link for more details)

You can also search for things about the conference using #32ATC

You can see plenty of photos from my twitter feed

I will also be looking to use Periscope to live stream parts of the show. A link will be put out later on for this through my twitter feed

Details as follows:

There is a dedicated AGCSA conference page which can be found at:

This live blog link

This is the intro podcast i did with Bill about the conference

AGCSA Turf Conference Preview Campbell Stand 20 #32ATC

As mentioned we are proud to have a stand at the Australian Turfgrass Conference. We are located Stand 20- left hand side of the show.

The show is at Crown Palladium in Melbourne 21st-23rd June

Tuesday 4-6 Trade show opening (for registered delegates)
Wednesday 9pm-5pm
Thursday 9am-1.30pm

For more information see this invite

Come and have a chat to us about everything from agronomics to social media and apps in your workplace.

I will be running my blog competition again. All you need to do is fill out the form on the stand.

If you can’t make the show or want to fill it out earlier don’t worry just click on this link to download a form and fill it out Click here for form

Email the form back to subject AGCSA

1st prize
Golf’s Royal Clubs book (retail $200)

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews has commissioned a new book that celebrates the 65 golf clubs throughout the world that have been conferred the royal title by the British Royal Family.

The book was commissioned to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and has been written by golf course architect Scott Macpherson.

Golf’s Royal Clubs: Honoured by the British Royal Family 1833-2013 is a comprehensive guide to this unique group of golf clubs. The book profiles each royal golf club and recounts their journeys towards acquiring the royal title and their relationship with the Royal Family.

book royals

2nd Prize
6000mAH Powerrbank
Charger (retail $60)

power bank 6000

3rd Prize
3200mAh Powerbank Charger (retail $40)

power bank 3200

All information on the conference can be found @

I will be doing a live blog and will send details out shortly.

Don’t forget to see my previous posts on the Tweetup and my talk

As well Turf Republic have their Turfsnap app where you casn take pictures during the week and add the AGCSA badge onto the picture and share it on your social networks.

If you haven’t downloaded Turfsnap see this link here.
Available on ios only

Don’t forget

Tuesday 21st June 3.20pm-4pm I am proud to be doing a session on
“Building Your Profile Using Social Media”

See you all in Melbourne and if you can’t make it follow the live blog.


Nadeem Zreikat
Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd
Phone: (02) 9725-2544 Fax: (02) 9604-7768
Mob: 0403 110 608
Follow our turf division

1st Ever Australian Turf TWEETUP @ ACGSA Conference #32ATC

I’ve been thinking about this for a bit of time especially after the success of the US one which i have posted before (If you don’t know what I’m speaking about have a look at this post here from the Vegas GIS the 2nd ever Tweetup ) It was a great way to meet people that i would not normally of met if it wasn’t for twitter and made some long term friendship because of it. As I posted last night thank to @itweetturf @GCI_Magaine @TurfRepublic for the inspiration

After a discussion with Dean Hardman from the Australian Golf Course on the conference he said he would like to meet all the people who are on twitter and facebook in person. So I said we can look at organising it. With help from Peter Frewin and the AGCSA staff we decided to hold a short meet and greet (TWEETUP) during the opening to the trade show on the Tuesday.. All details are below. So please come along there will be drinks around the place and a great way to meet those on social media face to face.

Feel free to hit me up before or during the conference for any questions on twitter or

If you cna’t make it I’ll be running a live blog again and doing some live streaming so keep an eye out on my twitter feed for the link (

Also Please use #32ATC when posting anything on social media about the conference.
Note entry to the Tuesday is for full registered delegates


Tweetup details

AGCSA Turf Conference 2016 #32ATC – PREVIEW

Photo 25-06-2015 7 20 18 pm (Copy)






The Australian Turfgrass Conference is only 3 weeks away . Hard to believe isn’t it. A few things I want to point out which I hope you can attend or use for the conference.

There are plenty of talks on during the week and some great speakers but one not to be missed is myself (Yes totting my own horn here)

Tuesday 21st June 3.20pm-4pm I am proud to be doing a session on
“Building Your Profile Using Social Media”

What i aim to do is

  • Give you the tools available within social media to raise your profile

  • How to use those tools and

  • Create your own personal brand and make this an asset.

As well as making it fun along the way I hope to give everyone something to take home..


The AGCSA has released their app again for the conference it is similar to last year with some new features including:

As well the functionality and smoothness is alot better as well. I urge everyone to download it even if you are not going to the conference

Photo 1-06-2016, 2 18 49 PM

Download on iphone or Ipad

Download on google Play

In my next post I’ll tell you about an exciting event after my talk and the preview our stand.





US Turf Conference 2016- San Deigo

As my last post I went to the US for the GIS conference as it is called. This year was in San Diego which is about 3 hours south of LA. Its a great city and people say its very similar to Sydney with the feel and the harbour. It does somewhat and the weather was glorious. We were very lucky as it was  26C everyday and not a cloud in the sky

My week started as soon as i landed and headed to Mission Viejo Golf Club where I was shown around by course superintendent and my mate Scot Dey. I met Scot last year after speaking to him on twitter for a while and we have been communicating ever since. It was great of him to give me so much time on a Saturday to show me his course. The unique things about the course is that its all kikuyu. Not uncommon in Australia but it is in the US. They have some couch left but this is being eradicated and the kikuyu taking over. When I was there they had some frosts around which hit the roughs more so. The greens were 100% poa and looking and playing very well. They are going through one of the toughest droughts of the moment but Scot and his crew have done a fabulous job.

Myself and Scot

Looking at the clubhouse Par 3 drop

iphone 7-3-16 011 (Copy) A very long tee

Scot also hosted a group of Aussies the next day. The course management were quite impressed with how many visitors and how far we had come to see the course.

Feel free to hit Scot up on twitter @scotdey





















GIS week for me started with meetings (I wont bore you there) and the education conference which I attend each time. This years lectures for me were:

  • Advanced Stress Management Strategies for Cool-Season Turfgrasses
  • Practical Turfgrass Microbiology
  • Enhanced Weed Management

All three were very informative and i will be positing in the future information from these talks.From what I picked up what we are doing here is the right thing in regards to managing healthy turf especially with the weather we have had this summer. However there is always room to fine tune your program.

One thing I did get was a video of syringing a green. which can viewed on our you tube channel. I received this from Dr Bingru Huang at Rutgers university.

These are the stats from the show


  • 5240 attended the education seminars
  • 450 played in the golf championships with Chris Burgess our Australian representative
  • 12571 total attendees for the week
  • Trade Show Size 2.3 hectares

You can see from the pictures in the gallery how big the show was. I did like a few features that were different this year.

The electric avenue area was a new where you could try out different machinery. I have a video as well here from a one man golf cart where you can view from our you tube channel

As well which is not turf related but golf related is this company I saw who allow people with disabilities can play golf. Have a look at the video below.

Lastly the GCI Magazine Social Media Awards 2016 were on again sponsored by Aqautrols. Take a look a all the winners from the show and feel free to hit them up for any information.

i will be posting more in the coming months so stay tuned.


US Turf Conference 2016

GIS Logo

I am lucky enough to be heading to the US turf conference next week.

I will again be contributing a live blog for Turf Republic this year as I have done previous. With this live blog you can get behind the scenes coverage from a number of contributors. Make sure you check it out here on a regular basis 

As well i will be posting plenty of photos on twitter so please have a look at my twitter feed.

As well if you are on twitter I aim to use Periscope at times as well.

I will be doing a review of the week with all the seminars I attended and the trade show after I get back as well.


If you need me during this time please call my office (02) 9725-2544 or I am available on email