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US Turf Conference 2016

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I am lucky enough to be heading to the US turf conference next week.

I will again be contributing a live blog for Turf Republic this year as I have done previous. With this live blog you can get behind the scenes coverage from a number of contributors. Make sure you check it out here on a regular basis 

As well i will be posting plenty of photos on twitter so please have a look at my twitter feed.

As well if you are on twitter I aim to use Periscope at times as well.

I will be doing a review of the week with all the seminars I attended and the trade show after I get back as well.


If you need me during this time please call my office (02) 9725-2544 or I am available on email

Dollar Spot Options 2016

Just a quick post on dollar spot options as we are coming into more of a peak for dollar spot control with high humidity and heavy dews. February in Sydney is the most humid month of the year accordingSydney Humidity to BOM.







At Campbell’s we have many options for dollar spot control and a greater spectrum of FRAC (fungicide groups) than anyone else.

Here is a quick look at the options we have with FRAC next to it (click on each product for label & SDS link):

Also if you can utilise cultural controls as well your turf will be much better off. here are some tips to use over the next few months:

  • Remove dew daily (also before spraying contact fungicides especially)
  • Avoid drought stress
  • Maintain adequate nutrition especially N. Low N program increases dollar spot severity
  • Reduce shade and improve air circulation by either eliminating trees or cutting back branches
  • Dust greens on regular basis
  • Roll greens (start this process before onset of disease)
  • If seeding choose a cultivar that is less prone to dollar spot. Many new varieties have been developed over the past 10 year.
  • Clean equipment after use

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Nadeem Zreikat