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In my last post pre AGCSA conference I will be previewing what we will be having at our stand. We will be located at stand number 2 this year which is a left turn as you walk in.- see map below.

From Skitch

We will be showcasing a number of products in our range but most important we will be having up to date information on fairy ring management which includes cultural practices and updated trial work with Monstar, wide range of uses for DewCure and I invite you to take out Blazon challenge- where we showcase the washability of Blazon non staining spray indicator.

We will be having information on various apps you can use in everyday turf management with a few new ones from Australia and Austrlaian Turf Managers.


This year we will be having an instant win competition for those who sign up to our blog via a quciker 2 minute survey. Once your form is filled out via our ipad on the stand you can pick a piece of paper out of the jar and read the answer to correspond to what prize you will win. On offer is

1L Bite Rite Cherry juice- never had cherry juice well here is your chance. This cherry juice comes from growers Orange in NSW who we work closely with us on our horticulture side to grow the best cherries available. For more einformation see

Photo 13-06-2014 15 20 16


Prize 2- a portable screw driver set

Photo 13-06-2014 15 22 46 Photo 13-06-2014 15 22 26

Prize 3- one of my favourite 2 pack of Reeses peanut butter cups


As well I will be running a live blog throughout the conference with help form my mates at Turf Republic

You can view the live blog using this link

I will be posting pictures, videos and information throughout the conference from the presidents dinner to some education sessions and of course the trade show. I hope to give you a behind the scenes view of the week.

As usual you can also follow us on twitter with updates @campbellturf

Hope you can make the conference and if you do please pass by our stand.

If you have not registered yet go to



AGCSA 2014 Conference PART 2

As promised here is part 2 of my post on the AGCSA conference. There will be a final part coming soon with what you can see at our stand at this year’s show.

Getting the most out of the trade show:

The AGCSA conference week is a great experience for anyone in the turf industry. We get to catch yup with old friends and make new ones. Plenty of networking and education opportunities are available during the week and I encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible. As always there is the trade show part of the week which runs from Wednesday until Thursday just after lunch in the exhibition hall. There are plenty of new companies and new products available to help you and this is a great opportunity to see them. To better plan your trade who experience I have a to 10 list to make things easier for the week:

  1. Set goals on what you want to see and find out
  2. Check out the exhibitor list and make a note on who you want to see (the AGCSA app is perfect for this).
  3. Make contact with the company beforehand and inform them you want to meet with them. If a time that suits you works let them know or if there is a certain company staff member you want to see they can make sure they are available. They may suggest a member who is best to talk to.
  4. Speak to the company who makes the products (not just the ones that sell the product) as they will be able to help you get the most out of it. There are many experts in our industry that you may not of met them or may of only see them at shows so take the time to have a talk to them. They maybe able to help with other questions you have.
  5. You don’t have to load up your bag full of brochures ask the company to email you any information you want.
  6. Take your business cards with you. If you don’t have one get your club to make you one up (they are very cheap to do).
  7. Take your Smartphone and tablet (there is free internet available at the show). Utilise note taking apps such as evernote. This is the app I use when I travel and attend talks and tradeshows. For a complete review on evernote see
  8. Dress professionally. Remember you are representing your club/facility. If you don’t have a polo or long sleeve shirt from your facility ask the powers that be to give you one.
  9. Wear your badge- this makes it easier for everyone to remember each others name
  10. Wear comfortable shoes- you will be doing alot of walking during the week. Friends of mine who attended turf shows over the in the US said to me that they took over 20,000 a day


Using QR codes:

You may have seen these on advertisements in everyday life but have no idea what they are for. states that QR codes are:
Quick Response Codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read using smartphones and dedicated QR reading devices, that link directly to text, emails, websites, phone numbers and more

There are plenty of free QR code apps you can use just search your app market for QR reader or QR scanner.

In my last part of the conference series I will be giving a preview of what we will have on our stand this year.


If you missed part 1 on the AGCSA conference app see this link here


Nadeem Zreikat


The Australian Golf Course Superintendents (AGCSA) has released the official conference app for this year’s show. A huge improvement on last year in every aspect. The app has plenty of features to make you want and need to use it before during and after the conference. Conference apps have been gaining popularity in the last 12 months as they provide more than just a schedule but with a full interactive experience.

Once opened the app will download any updates and then present you with as number of menus


AGCSA app pic

The app is easy to use and flows well which is always a big plus. First thing is filling in your profile and choose to publish your profile so people can see that you will be in attendance. I won’t go into every single feature just the ones that stand out:

Speakers- each have a profile and schedule on what they are talking on. You can bookmark their talk and have it appear in your schedule

My Schedule- this is where you can input your program for the week. It can also share this with your friends on the app. The main use is that you can favourite a session on the program section of the app which will show up on this feature. You can also see the sessions you have favoured in the program as seen below with the Growing degree days and hosting the US open sessions.


Photo 27-05-2014 10 55 22 Photo 27-05-2014 10 55 35

Exhibitors- it has all the exhibitors but with a difference. This year instead of getting pages of inserts in the bags the AGCSA asked the trade to submit a PDF for the app for the insert. Most companies have done this. Some have a single page while others have detailed booklets with product guides (see Colin Campbell Chemicals here for an example).To access the PDF just click on the company name and download the handout to your choice of destination. If you choose to open in the app all PDF’s will be able to be accessed within the downloads section- very convenient. A map of the trade hall is available as well in the map section.

Photo 27-05-2014 11 00 19

Contacts & Friends– this is a great new section where you can see who is going to the conference. You are able to connect with them by friend requesting them and then share your schedule with them and swap contact information (add their details to your device) and have notes for the friend (such as a follow up item when you get back).

The app can be synced between your devices as well (just enter an email address on your devices). This is a great feature as when i am at home I’ll use my ipad but when I’m on the road I’ll check it through my phone always being up to date.

The app is available on both ios (apple iphone, ipad) and Android devices. Click on the links below to download. Feel free to connect with me once you have downloaded the app.





In part 2 of my pre conference post I will be talking about QR codes and conference/trade show tips and part 3 will give you a preview of our booth. So stay tuned.

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Nadeem Zriekat