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Breakfast on the Green- April 2014

Earlier this month we were involved in a series call Breakfast on The Green presented by myself Nadeem Zreikat of Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd and Chris Stig and John Purtell of Proturf Machinery. We had 2 excellent venues Cromer Golf Club and Bonnie Doon Golf Club. Turf managers were treated to a cooked breakfast as well as barista coffee.

Proturf machinery presented on the new GP400 Jacobsen greens mower and the new Turfco topdresser.

I presented some updated trial work with Monstar and Fairy Ring Control. I also went through best management practices for fairy ring with a extract below:

  • Turf which is under low fertility and low mowing heights mainly
  • Turf suffering from heat/drought/soil moisture stress
  • Extremes in wet/dry weather conditions favour fairy ring – this season has been perfect conditions for fairy ring
  • High thatch areas
  • Can occur anytime of the year. Mainly seen from spring onwards.
  • Recovery can take time after an application. Monstar kills the fungi but the profile is still hydphobic and until this is cured the turf cannot recover fully. Hand watering areas with wetting agent tablets can also aid in recovery.
  • Monitor soil moisture levels with a moisture meter as areas infected can retain less mositure than healthy areas.
  • Full recovery can take time especially from type 2 rings as the nitrogen to deplete.

For a previous post on Monstar click here

I also demonstrated DewCure in action. This was applied on the fairway approach and across the green. Pictures of the results can be seen in the album below.  Turf managers that were there not just saw a significant difference but could feel it to as we were experiencing heavy dews throughout those weeks and looked to use DewCure for upcoming renovation and winter turf management. To read more on DewCure see a previous post here.

Lastly we had a tour of the new holes at Bonnie Doon Golf Club with course super Justin Bradbury. The new holes look really good but alos will be a good challenge to all golfers. I can’t wait to have a hit myself later on in the year.

Here are a few pictures from the days we had at Cromer Golf Club and Bonnie Doon Golf Club. Thanks to Leon and Justin for hosting us at our respective courses.


Hope you enjoyed the new site for our blog. Feel free to search our website as well. i will be updating the blog and website in the months ahead.





Welcome to our updated blog & website- April 2014

Campbell logo for LT

This is the new site for our turf blog. We have moved the blog to allow us to bring you better information through print, video and graphics. We have also updated our website which is alot more user friendly and will be updated with product specific pages.

Just a note with the moving of the blog posts are now not any particular order. If you are searching for a specific post please see the archives or do a search for the topic you want. If you have nay questions please email me at

Our website address is still




2012 Full Steam ahead at Campbell’s

Continuing on from my last post, 2012 will be full steam ahead at Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd with 2 new products coming online.


The first was released late last year Monstar (for type 1,2 and 3 fairy ring control- permit and rhizoctonia*). This was posted before Christmas.


The other will be DewCure a totally new product and concept for dew supression. A product like this has never been utilised fully in Australia and we are very excited to be able to bring it to the turf industry. It has only recently been used over the past few years in the US with great success as well. I will post more on this later on.


Here’s a picture of DewCure in action during last winter in Sydney. As you can see that the middle of the green was left untreated and either side was treated with DewCure. This was taken about 10am in the middle of winter where the dew was still present (seen in the untreated area).





Also on the agenda this year is the AGCSA turf conference in Melbourne running 4th-8th June We here at Coiln Campbell (chemicals) Pty Ltd) will be well represented with our stand along with our key partners in the show. We will be doing full launches of Monstar and DewCure during that week. Monstar is available now and DewCure will be available early Autumn. I will post more later on.


The program has been released and you may have noticed my name on the program. Many of you will know my passion for social media and how I have been utilising this blog and twitter and Google + to name a few so it was only logical to share my passion with our industry. I will be presenting in conjunction with Robin Doodson (Sanctuary Cove Golf Club) a workshop title:



“Using Social Media and Smartphone Apps in everyday Turf Management”

Presented By:

Nadeem Zreikat Colin Campbell Chemicals @campbellturf

Robin Doodson Sanctuary Cove Golf Club @GreensSCGC

Time 8.30-10am Thursday 7th June.


Our aim is to expalin how social media can beneift turf managers in everyday situations.


If you are on twitter follow hashtag #AGCSA12 which myself and Robin have setup for the conference. We will post all relevant informaiton there.


Thank you again for reading my blog, feel free to leave a comment or get in tocuh with me on twitter or email.


*Trials are currently being undertaken on fairy ring and rhizoctonia for Monstar

Monstar is here Nov 2011

Hi everyone here is the press release for Monstar. I will update this post from time to time.

Colin Campbell (Chemicals) has just launched Monstar Fungicide for fairy ring. Nadeem Zreikat Marketing Development manager says “Monstar brings a brand new active ingredient and resistance grouping to the industry. Monstar contains 464g/L Flutolanil and is a Group 7 Fungicide (no other Group 7 fungicides registered in turf). The active in Monstar has been used in the US for about 10 years as Prostar.”


Fairy Ring has been difficult to control at the best of times with different products trialled. There are over 60 types of fairy ring fungi so far identified in turf and there are 3 distinct types of fairy ring. Fairy ring also contributes to hydrophobic soil. Monstar brings a new tool to help solve this problem.


With fairy ring control the following steps will help with gaining the best results from Monstar

       It is essential to apply Monstar with wetting agent (non ionic) as the fairy ring causes the soil to become hydrophobic

       Water turf before application

       Water in after application

       If you can verti drain (or punch holes) across the green before application will help increase effectiveness


Monstar is currently available for use on permit but work is being carried out for full registration for fairy ring and rhizoctonia (brown patch). Nadeem says “Initial trials last season have been very promising on rhizoctonia. Flutolanil has been known in the US to be very strong on rhizoctonia and fairy ring and we are excited to bring this active to the turf industry.”


Monstar is available in 5L containers and for use under APVMA Permit 12842. A copy of the permit and MSDS can be found at our website under recreational turf section.


Disease Alert for Long Weekend Sydney and Surrounds- Sept 2011

I seem to be writing this alert every Labor Day holiday (NSW) which conincides with the (Warriors V Manly) Grand Final this Sunday (who are you going for? I’m with the Warriors because I would like to see them win it for the first time). Also doggies are good for the lower grades.


For the 3rd year in a row we are having a wet lead up to the weekend (raining as I write) and also some rain during it. Forecasts are showing anywhere from 20mm-40mm. Last year we had about 20mm around that time and temperatures were about the same leading into the week. Hence there is a good chance of some brown patch popping up.



Mainly it has been  solani or cerealis (yellow patch) strains of brown patch. Even on couch surfaces (tees and sportsfields) you will see some brown patch (solani strain though) as turf starts to come out of dormancy.

Yellow Patch has been a bit difficult to control once it is there. It tends to disappear with 28+ temps but it is too early to get this consitenly So keep an eye out. If you have the disease there you may need to do 2 sprays 7-14 days apart depending on the conditions and products you use. For example Ippon (or 250GT) then follow up with Dacogreen at full rate as for both products.. See pictures attached of the brown patch I was talking about (yellow patch). If you can do a preventative do it.


Rhizoctonia spp on bent grass


Also with this rain good to put something out anyway for the usual diseases of dollar spot and pythium. If you had put on some Dacogreen Weathershield before this weather it would be doing the job. But backup this in 7-14 days to be on the safe side because it is only a contact and we have been getting quite a bit of pressure out there.

Lastly there was quite a bit of disease throughout the summer and leading into winter. With this weather look to start your sprays a bit ealrier than usual and don’t hesitate to shorten spray intervals especially for dollar spot and pythium. Prevention is always better than cure and remember to mix your resistance groups around not just the actives.

Any questions feel free to give me a call or email me back or leave a comment..

I will be posting on a new product as well for Fairy Ring shortly which will be available mid November (you may have seen the ad in the NSWGCSA newsletter).

Until next time

Nadeem Zreikat

Sping is here – 2011

Well we had a bit of a false start to spring the other week with a couple of warm days in Sydney. We always get a couple of warm weeks in September and this week and next looks like the start with temps rising up to the high 20’s and even up to 30C over the weekend.


However I do notice that nights especially inland will be colder than you would normally anticipate in Sydney.


There is a updated forecast for the summer coming out next week but so far we are looking quite average (whatever that means these days). I will update more later on with more accurate data.


Disease wise keep an eye out for any possible dollar spot starting and possible brown patch epically on warm season turf.


Weeds are starting to pop up all over the place and are of bigger importance. Methar tri Kombi and Sportsground are perfect for any broad leaf and flat weeds.


Early season pre emergent might also be needed.There are a couple of new products available this year as well Prodiamine and Oryzalin which will help give good residual. If there are any Grass weeds already germinated look at putting on an early Passtox Clear (for couch only).


Also don’t forget your wetting agents starting earlty is much better than waiting for dry patch to come up.


On another note we are launching a new fungicide late October/November. I will post more later but if you have heard of Prostar you might have an idea.


If you are reading this in Melbourne I am doing a couple of talks in conjunction with K&B Adams and the VGA on Wednesday 5th October.

7.30am at MCC Bowling club then

11.30am at Bundoora Bowling club. All welcome.

More info here


Lastly a special mention and good luck to Royal Sydney Golf Club for hosting the Davis cup (tennis). By all accounts the surface is looking great and an amazing job in just 6 weeks to prepare the surface at this time of year (winter).


More to come soon.




-Regards Nadeem

Drought to Flood and a few forecasts- Sep 2011

This is a short video that I found through @ABCRural that shows the extreme of the drought and the drought breaking. Worth a quick look


Also look likes we are in for a wetter summer in all states except Vic and Tas (they are looking at average rainfall) but not as bad as last year according to BOM. Temps look warmer especially in Vic and Tas. Have a look at the following links from the ABC and BOM.


Will update more later on.

Seminar Trade Show Season 2011- updated

This post has been updated as of 22nd June

Well its that time of the year again where we start to look at ways to improve our facilities with various education seminars ands trad eshow on offer. I wanted to put a brief list of these events coming up. I hope to see some of you there as we will be exhibiting at a few of them. If I have left any out let me know and I can edit the post. I will update as time goes on.



None that I know of just yet




NSWGCSA RubeWalkerden @ Golf Day Concord Golf Club

Also on that week is Federation week for the bowling greenkeepers



Turf Alive 

Brought to you buy STA, BGA, TGA-  Well worth it good one day program and trade show

It was a very good day had by all. tbhe program was first class with some excellent speaker. From my side the information on the new patch disease hitting Sydney courses and couch mites were of particular interest. There was well over 220 people there with a good trade display.


Bonville 2 day seminar 25th-26th




Adelaide 13th-17th Conference and tradeshow in

Yes we in NSW have the Queens birthday holiday on the Monday and for us in NSSW & QLD state of origin 2 will be on the Wednesday night. As I recall there was a pub or two that showed the game live. I will let you know if I hear of one.


Melbourne VGA AGM & Education sessions Wednesday 22nd June click here for info via Pitchcare




STA Workshop Alternative Pest Control Methods 


For all events run by the AGCSA and the state associations see


VGA Centenary Celebration Friday 22nd July



16th STA Regional seminar Kurri Tafe- Rennovation practices see here for details


17th TGAA Murray Region seminar @ Corowa Golf Club




Daytona & World Golf Hall of Fame January 2011

Before I go into Daytona let me just mention “Tweetup” during GIS. This was organised by John Kaminski of Penn State The idea came about for those who are on the social media platform (namely twitter) to meet up in person. It was sponsored by Aquatrols this year and I think it will be an annual event. John is a great believer as I am (after following John on Twitter and the insights I gained for our industry from him and others) in social media and how it can benefit not just ourselves but also our industry. I met quite a few people who I follow on twitter in person from supers to distributors to pathologists. So thank you to all the poeple I ment over thereand I hope to see you in Vegas in 2012.


Reading this blog I thank you for it and it maybe be your first dip in the social media arena. For those who want to look at Twitter my page is



Well the last part of my turf trip (I did have an extra week looking at cherry and apple orchards for our hort division) took in the world famous Daytona Speedway. Others went to New York I went to Daytona. Being only a 1 hour drive away it was most convenient.


I went to watch the Bud Shootout on the Saturday night (7 days before the main race). This race is a exhibition race with 24 cars able to take part. I wont bore you with the details but to say if you ever get the opportunity to visit Daytona to see a race do it. Its amazing how close and how fast they can race and how big the place is.


One great thing is that I was able to walk onto the track before the race start to experience how steep the banking is.  It takes quite a bit of effort to walk up it as they say the TV does not do it justice.



As well you see the turf all striped up thinking its the cut but its actually 2 types of turf. Not 100% sure but there was a strip of rye followed by possibly Kentucky Blue Grass (poa breed) which gives a great visual look as you can see:






Lastly I also got to see the garages and had put this pic in of Aussie Marcos Ambrose’s car getting worked on. Unfortunately he did not race in the shoot out as he was not eligible.



Lastly just a quick shot of Dayotna beach. Yes you can actually drive on it just have to get a daily pass. Lucky it was winter, driving in summer is very busy.




World Golf Hall of Fame

The next day after the race I headed about hour up the road near St Augustine to visit the World Golf Hall of Fame website here


This is a place where they show you the history of golf with regards to the US PGA and the famous courses, a tribute to Bob Hope (a big supporter of golf) and plenty of memorabilia. Australia is well represented including Greg Norman, Kel Nagle, Peter Thompson, Walter Travis and Karrie Webb. The trohpy cabinet is a outstanding with major tournamnets represented. This is a must for any golf fan if you are ever in the area. The museum is only one part as there is a golf course, a 18 hole putt putt course with grass greens, Imax theatre, the biggest golf store I’ve ever seen and a wise range of accommodation options.


First type of golf ball used

Old clubs

The museum itself

PGA golf shop just a small sample

Hole in one comp- I actually hit the green

Greg Norman’s clubs and replica locker

Well I hope you enjoyed this little diversion from the tech stuff.


Nadeem Zreikat

US Turf conference 2011review

Well arrived Saturday and typical got questioned. My fault I did not fill out the visa application correctly. I did say to them it never asked me to print the thing or pay money only to update details. However they were very courteous. One Aussie I know also was questioned due to a small discrepancy in his name and he missed his connecting flight by 1 minute. However all was good and he made it safely about 4 hours after his mates.

Sunday was super bowl my 2nd ever NFL game. Didn’t understand everything but quite entertaining especially when the Steelers scored before half time and started to make a game of it. The pub was crazy with both team fans. It is their GF and just as passionate as we are with our footy.

Afterwards I got to meet John Kaminski a pathologist from penn State which some of you may know as harry Potter or from Twitter. Top bloke had great conversatrion. Full of turf info. Hopefully he can come out to Australia one day and give a talk for us.

I went to a disease id seminar today. 8am-5pm. Very long day but well worth it. I could have been there for another day with that much to cover. The speakers were Dr Bruce Clark (he co wrote the compendium book that some of you may have) and Dr Bruce Martin. 1st class speakers would love to get them out to Australia.Diseases are similar in Australia but here are a few ecxtra ones they get here that we don’t tend to get but the major ones were covered. Interesting to hear that there are new diagnostic tools being developed to identify diseases. Essentially this machine will tell you each diseases that is present in one test. This will enable for more accurate and quicker results. It is being developed from the medical industry. As well there is DNA sequencing starting in turf diseases. Not as much help but will come in handy when identifying diseases from different areas.

There is some new cultural practices with managing anthracnose (which is becoming more of an issue in Sydney this summer). I’ll add more later but please get in touch with me for more info.

That’s all for now I will put different updates throughout the week and put some pics and video as well.

Well I was hoping to update this earlier but time gets away from you. Back in Australia now and I have a bit more time.

After Monday I had a couple of more seminars one on new herbicides and the other on understanding bio stimulants.

I was amazed about the herbicide seminar where the stat was 60 odd herbicide products available in the US. Sounds alot which is more than us, however these are classified as products not individual actives. Really is probably half. The theme was that there are plenty of SU herbicides available, they have 10 available. We have about 5.  Each is a little different to the other but essentially work the same. There is resistance to this group especially for ag use. This is also the case in Australia, so be careful with the SU uses.

The other theme was combo products. These are more common now than a year ago. One word of warning some of these products can have alot less active and hence may not work on all the weeds that well if they both actives were used individually. The teacher was Dr Scott McElroy from Auburn University, very smart guy especially on weeds and herbicides. He is a good speaker and keeps your interest in for the whole 4 hours.

Lunch is always served in a big room. Here is what it looked like:


My next seminar was understanding bio stimulants and going through seaweed products hormones and the likes. A well rounded discussion took place and quite alot of interactive participation.

Wednesday and Thursday consisted of the GIS (trade show). this year there were a little over 14,000 people there and the show covered 1.7ha down from the 2.7ha 2 years ago when I went. It usually takes you 2 days to get around but one and a bit days you can cover most things. The US economy is still hurting and you can see that with less booths and less giveaways this year. Usually you can come home with a truck load of giveaways. However this not such a bad thing the information provided and the effort put into their stands were first class. Each stand was wonderfully presented and the people were very friendly.

Here are a couple of pics



I posted some video on my twitter feed, have a look to the right side of the screen and you can see a power bunker rake. Or see below


The last day was Friday and decided to tackle a poa seminar. Well there is still no silver bullet for control. What was surprising was that they only had PGR’s registered for greens use- no post emergent herbicides available. They did have them though for fairway use. Essentially the theme was that you need time, budget and an understanding membership to help reduce the amount of poa. One things was that PGR’s will not get rid of poa 100% and use multiple products to achieve your desired results.

The education conference and GIS is definitely a must do if you ever get the chance. Next entry will be on Daytona stay tuned.